Yahoo LA Kings and ALLIANCE: Los Angeles Host Career Exploration Day for 20 Students Aimed at Using the Power of Sports To Create Social Equity


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Jul 28, 2004
NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / July 17, 2023 / AEG's LA Kings in partnership with ALLIANCE: Los Angeles, which is committed to using sports for social justice, hosted a career exploration day at the LA King's Toyota Sports Performance Center in El Segundo, CA for 20 high school and middle school students who are part of the ALLIANCE's student empowerment program, a semester-long program that uses sports as an entryway to leadership and advocacy for student athletes. Participants in the career event were also part of BOSS - Business of Student Success, which equips BIPOC youth, especially economically disadvantaged and boys of color, with the tools and skills to succeed in all aspects of their

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