***LA Kings @ St. Louis Blues GDT 10/25/21 5:00pm PST on BSW***

I keep forgetting to make guesses in my own game!


5 goals

puck hasn't dropped yet!
Back to back with these Blues!

Talk about NO mercy, haha. :pssst:
My Gamecenter app is showing new lines. Has the blender been engaged?
what is with the camera work on this feed? The most jarring cuts back and forth from camera to camera.

Also, Kings need to settle down. Their outlet passing is sloppy.
Next game poll question idea: "In what period will the Kings register their first SOG?"
Been a fan of Kings since back when Rogie was between the pipes and they have had some pretty sorry ass teams, and I rate this one right up there with the bad ones. Management is going to have to make some hard decisions pretty soon.
Wow, do we suck.
I'm seeing a lot a Kings with their heads down or turned in the neutral zone and it is making me nervous. Keep your heads up boys!
Boy, Matt Roy really needs to work on his passing
This team is pathetic . Blues carry the puck about 80 percent of the time while kings can’t event dump in it.
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