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Simply because couple nights with no hockey so playing armchair coach:

I'd like to see Tkachev and Iafallo swap to (I think) boost both 2nd and 3rd lines:
Arvidsson ? Kopitar ? Brown
Tkachev ? Danault ? Kempe
Iafallo ? Vilardi ? Moore
Grundstrom ? Lizotte ? Kupari

And when everyone is healthy:
Arvidsson ? Kopitar ? Brown
Tkachev? Danault ? Kempe
Iafallo ? Vilardi ? AA/Lias
Lemieux/AA ? Kupari* - Moore

*Byfield when he's back

-- Thoughts?
secretly i'd like to see them put Tkachev with Kopitar, and Arvidsson with Vilardi.
Arvidsson with Kopitar doesn't work that well, and Tkachev with Vilardi doesn't work that well (apparently they have really crap advanced stats).

I would put Iafallo back onto Kopi's wing and put Arvidsson with Vilardi. Or maybe put Tkachev on Kopi's wing and make him the primary playmaker, and try and keep Kopitar's scoring up.

It's like deja vu all over again
I think Vilardi needs a vet on his line. Could be Iafallo as suggested (is #19 a vet now?). My guess is Athanasiou will go there once he returns. But I wish Brown would go there.
But Bropitar forever apparently.

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