Mike Emrick to retire

My ears say, "Thank you!" That shrill voice and questionable imagery will finally go away.
Awww....I was thinking he might be getting set to retire since they had him do those Stanley Cup games from home, which was terrible, when they had the perfectly excellent Forslund already in the bubble. I'll miss all the "Doc-isms".
This will leave Faust as the worst announcer in the league...
Even given the disadvantage of calling the games from home, I noticed his "game" slipping at times, so this doesn't come as a great surprise. Personally, i will miss his calls. He had a unique style and added substance and "texture" to the broadcasts.
Waffle-boarded into the NHL annals.
I actually liked Doc. Plus, his calls will always be synonymous with some special moments in my memory.

No disrespect, but best news of 2020. I can finally start un-muting my TV during games.
Too bad they couldn't bring back Gary Thorne...Yes, an image from the past. :taz:
Always did like Doc ever since his call on ESPN of the Easter classic in 1987 with Bill Clement.

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