More athletic love for Doughty


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Sep 25, 2008
Harmon has a really nice breakdown of 5v5 deployment for every D corps in the league. Unsurprisingly Doughty has the most deployment against the other teams top line players (Mikey is second heaviest but trails). There's flaws in the methods but in general the next biggest surprises are how much Maata gets tossed to the wolves and Roy is surprisingly sheltered. Durzi is by far the most sheltered Dman as he shouldbe

Which NHL defensmen have earned their coaches trust

The king is back: Drew Doughty has played the toughest minutes of all NHL defencemen this season. He?s crushed it in that assignment, notching 24 points in 28 games to go along with stellar defensive metrics. It?s a shame he missed so much time with injury because he?d be a legitimate Norris Trophy contender otherwise.

Mikey Anderson has become LA?s go-to left-handed defenceman in the last couple of years. Anderson doesn?t have much offense to offer but his strong skating ability allows him to deliver strong defensive value.

There's some interesting takes on the other teams as well. Looking at Tampa and their deployment of Sergachev vs what they need to pay to keep him and I just don't see how it works.
Your title is a little... uhhhh.... ambiguous.

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