Yahoo Newly acquired Kings center Pierre-Luc Dubois ready to 'just fully be me'


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Jul 28, 2004

Although he made it to a Dodgers game, a Galaxy match and other outdoor events that might have left his skin sun-kissed after nearly a week in Southern California, center Pierre-Luc Dubois was looking a bit pale during his first in-person interview as a member of the Kings. “I feel like I haven't slept or haven't stopped in the five or six days I've been here; it's been really fun,” Dubois said. Not only has he successfully asked out of two NHL cities in six seasons (more on that later), Dubois grew up the son of a Quebecois coach and a supportive Atlantan mom. “It helped prepare me for this life of hockey where you could always, potentially, be on the move,” Dubois said of his youth.

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