RIP Capfriendly


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Nov 26, 2004
Believe it or not, Capfriendly has been purchased by the Washington Capitals and will be going private sometime this summer. We won't be able to access it thereafter.

Tale as old as time. If you can’t beat them buy them out.

Two best alternatives I’ve found:
Thanks Statue4Deano. I imagine we'll all just move to PuckPedia just like when the Cap Geek guy unfortunately passed away and then CapFriendly became the top site.

It also seems absurd that the NHL can't have a central database which shows all contract AAV as well as the NTC/NMC info. That way we wouldn't have crap fiascos like the Dadonov trade with Vegas which got Ottawa in trouble. I still cannot imagine why a 3rd party has to provide info that the league should be compiling.
Ah, yes, the glory of the world we live in...the advancement of humanity is truly flabbergasting.

Well, maybe AI will take over this, too. You'll ask your phone and it will compile in a proof-¨checked and well readable fashion!

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