Round 2, Pick #57: CARTER GEORGE


Luc says: how you doin'?
Goalie -- shoots L
Born May 20 2006 -- Thunder Bay, ONT
[18 yrs. ago]
Height 6.01 -- Weight 182

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This is pretty cool.


It's so strange to me there is virtually no info on his first sidekick David Kennedy who had the greatest one liner ever on they episode with the drag queen Gypsey.
Wally to Gypsey "are you gay?"
Gypsey to Wally "how bad do you wanna know?"
and 0.1 seconds later
David to Gypsey "not very

Bringing this back to LA Sports, that one episode where Steve Sax was in the crowd and he went on what most would consider an anti gay diatribe sure doesn't hold up well.
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