Manor Sneak Peek: LA Kings Roster for Trip to Australia vs. Coyotes


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Jul 28, 2004

The international dateline may cause some confusion regarding exactly when the games are taking place; yet, nonetheless, the LA Kings and Arizona Coyotes will be playing a pair of games in Australia later this month.

Local to folks Down Under, there will actually be three opportunities to see dozens of NHL stars up close in person. Friday, September 22, fans will be treated to an open practice by both teams. Then, on Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24, the Kings and Coyotes will play at 2pm Australian time — which translates to 9pm California time. That sounds easy enough until you realize it’s 9pm PST the day before. So… Saturday’s game will be played Friday night in SoCal, while Sunday’s game will be happening Saturday evening in Los Angeles. Got it? Good.

From what Mayor’s Manor has gathered in recent days, training camp will largely happen in Australia. This means, players will be checking in for medicals around Friday, September 15 and then they’ll be leaving for Australia on Saturday, September 16 — yes, this is all happening at the same time as the Rookie Faceoff tournament will be taking place in Las Vegas.

Complicating matters even further is the fact that the Kings also have pre-season games in the U.S. on September 24 at Anaheim and September 27 at Vegas. Usually, the NHL requires teams to play eight ‘veteran’ players in preseason games. However, we’ve heard the Kings have received a special exemption this year, which plays into the 28-player squad they’re traveling with.

Now, which Kings players will be making the trip?

Kings Roster for 2023-24 Training Camp in Australia

Byfield – Kopitar – Kempe
Fiala – Dubois – Kaliyev
Moore – Danault – Arvidsson
Grundstrom – Lizotte – Lewis
Turcotte – JAD – Fagemo

Anderson – Doughty
Gavrikov – Roy
Bjornfot – Spence
Moverare – Clarke


Look for an official press release in the days ahead. We’ll have more soon regarding the roster for this year’s Rookie Tournament, which will include the team’s top 2023 Draft selection, defenseman Jakub Dvorak, as well as top goaltending prospect Erik Portillo.


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