Tales from the beer league part 2

^ That sounds like a wild one JamDawg! It actually reminds me of a player on our team that just won't shut-up, he isn't a dirty player per say, but he just never STFU so ends up getting an extra penalty tacked on to his original penalty. I kid you not, his nickname is, 2 & 10.

After not playing for a month, I think? I am going to do a public skate session at lunch today, the rink gives us 5 "free" public skate sessions per season you sign up for. I checked my account and still have two sessions left, woot! I'm also going to be subbing on Friday night on the Copper team I sub on from time to time. Expecting some rink rust, but cardio wise, I've been going to the BMX track a couple times a week for the last three weeks, that place is a heck of a work out!
Not a league game, our academy had a Thanksgiving special on Friday night. Mini got to skate out with me. Our "high point" of the night was him getting and assist and me scoring the goal. I came in off left wing and he crossed behind me from center and I dropped him the puck and drove the net yelling for him to shoot it. Little sh*t sniped me right in the bag from behind. The puck fell forward from my crotch and I managed to corral it and wrap it behind the net for the goal before crumpling. Still it was a great skate.
So the last week had a thursday night 1-9 blowout loss and sunday nights redemptive 7-2 win. Both games were 10:30 affairs and total killers the next day. I'm more awake today than Friday but definitely sorer. The less we speak of the thursday blowout the better but I will say its never cool as a captain to turn down a running clock on a stinker when you had a 10:30 start. There's no lessons to be learned that night. The win was interesting in that we got up 2-1 in the first despite being outshot 15-6 in the first. The legit shot their wad and then we owned them the rest of the way finishing 35-35 in shots at the final horn. I did get an apple on a great tip from a shot I launched at the point. Not the prettiest goal of the night though, that one goes to our F1 swooping in front of the net 15 seconds into the game. Their defenceman had the puck behind the net, stepped out and fired the puck right off the back of our forwards skate and back into the net.
Lakewood Ice scheduled a game for the Copper team I sub on for this Friday at 5:30pm. 🙃🥸🤷🏻‍♂️ Like, how many grown adults could even make it to that game time!?!
Tonights game comes as a 10:30 affair, I did get back on the ice for a lunch skate and followed that with an academy skate that evening the friday before last. Then got a league game in last sunday where we pulled out a 3-3 tie against a team that had blown us out 9-1 previously, so progress. After being in St louis all weekend drinking beer and eating crap I'm not looking forward to my performance but maybe the grease I'll be sweating will help me squeeze past someone for a break on net.
These 10:30 games are killers the next day, but at least the last two were big wins. 8-1 last week and 6-3 tonight. Had a goal and assist in both but was robbed off the scoresheet of 2 other points in the first and our line hit more posts than the 5 goals we contributed last night. Weird how those things go. Next week is an 8pm game but at the rink 15 minutes farther from my house. I guess I'll take it. The one good note was the goal I scored last night was a goal I couldn't have scored before surgery. Dropped pretty low on an off side one time tap to get it past the goalie. No way my knee would have held up a year ago. So progress.
So my team, El Jefe Spyders, played last night for the "bronze" level championship. The winner gets a beer mug, and the loser a shot glass. I'm happy to say that I added a beer mug to my collection, but it was at a cost. I'm currently typing with a splint on my ring finger of my left hand.

I decided to block a shot and broke my finger in the process. And in true hockey player fashion, I continued to play. The doctor said it should heal pretty quickly. Believe it or not, this broken finger hurt more than my broken leg about 10 years ago. Yes... that one was also from playing hockey.
We are four games into our new season, and our new division, Bronze North. We won last night so that makes us 2-2 on the season. Most noticeable difference so far is every team is consistently faster than all the teams went played in Bronze South.

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