***Toronto Maple Leafs vs. LA Kings GDT 11/24/21 7:00pm on TNT***

Thanks Nyssa!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Kings: Kopitar, Kempe, Denault

Leafs: Tavares, Matthews, Marner

Go Kings!
Thank you, Susan et al!

Go Durzi Go! What number is he wearing?

All 3 guys from that trade on the NHL roster makes Blake & Co. look pretty good.


Durzi will wear #50
wtg. Kings down by 1 so, the thing to do is get another penalty.
Time to let Kupari sit down for a game or two so he can find his game again???

Are the Kings playing like Turkeys again? :turkey:
10 shots on goal for the Leafs in 10 minutes.

I have no words for this team
This thing keeps up like this and the kongs better throw in the towel before quick gets killed
Does Arvidsson understand he plays for the Kings now, he obviously left his in Nashville
I'm guessing that all that blue I'm seeing in the stands is not for dodger night...
I do, but the words wouldn't get past the word police ;(

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