Turcotte to Kaliyev--oh so sweet

Kaliyev really looks like a beast! Love it!!
Turns out when Turcotte is healthy he's better than most of his peers. Who knew?!
Way to go fellow kids!
Good write up on Turcotte's tourney performance.


I talked with Mark Yannetti, the Kings’ director of amateur scouting, about Turcotte during one of the intermissions on Monday. He brought up two first-round draft choices by the Anaheim Ducks: Trevor Zegras, ninth in 2019 and Jamie Drysdale, sixth in 2020. Both players were in the Arizona tournament. Turcotte was taken fifth in 2019.

“Guys like Zegras and Drysdale, I thought Alex was like that,” said Yannetti. “I haven’t seen the guy get loose pucks like he does. He created a change of possession, I lost count (how many times). That’s rare.

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