WTS: LAK @ DET Wooooo!


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Jun 23, 2010
At least LA is not wearing ?the empire strikes back? helmets. They are fugly.

I hope the Kings players' pre-game hot pockets are underdone so that they're still a bit frozen in the middle and makes them slightly dissapointed. That oughta show em!
?I hope all their ginger ales are flat.

Poor byfield has to center AA and brown

Shocked. I am shocked that Lemieux's kid has all sorts of ****ty penalties.

Get in the passing lanes, maybe check some people. idle thoughts.

Starting to look like the last LA game

no call on that blindside of Smith???
?"Interference" is called more or less completely randomly in this league.

Time for some home cookin' reffing. Former Wings amirite?

Erne sucks.

AA can certainly still fly.
?Nice to see you Antanasiou.... But don't score on us k???

Athanasiou?s mustache just looks like a third eye brow lmao

If we come out of this period tied I?ll consider that a win
?Nvm that works too

Think we could score against the 30th pk in the league??
?This is LA?s easiest PK all year
?How is it that it felt like the Wings were shorthanded on that PP?

Wtf is that, this might actually just has been the worst attempt of a pp I've ever seen.

Gemel?s beard looks like he paid money for a chin warming wrap. That thing is impeccable. He gives Leddy a run for his money

Durzi looks straight out of a slapshot movie

Fabs gets ragdolled.

I'll say this about Fabbri... He's entertaining at least, the damn jitterbug.

Fabbri looks like the bear Jew from inglorious bastards

Good on Fabbri for dropping the mitts. f*** that guy.

We don?t play well against big physical teams. I am starting to dread the third.
?Get a head start?early bird gets the worm
?Patience grasshopper.... We have a second before the third...
?Patience and Toddone don?t go hand and hand.

When you punch the link for this game on ESPN+ the photo it gives you as it's cranking up is Kopitar in his shiny silver helmet, and he looks very sad.

We must have gotten a groin coach in the last couple years because someone should have pulled one trying to stay on-side a bit ago.
??Groin Coach? Sounds like a dirty job

Osterle couldn't make most rosters. He plays on our top pairing. Nice job Yzerman.

Yzerman should think about getting better players.
?If we had better players we probably wouldn't be getting embarrassed.
?That?s quite the take.
?Are you ok? Mommy not giving you enough attention again? I?m here if you need to talk. It?s gonna be OK.
?Hey now... Trolling internet forums is way cheaper than therapy, haha.

What is it with the Kings desperately outshooting Detroit this season?

Dammit. Another friggin goal by another lilliputian player. Stupid team trying hard and ruining chances for an unknown draftee 2 years from now. I hate them. I hate this team. I hate this game. I hate this post. I hate broccoli.

Shots 34-13?woof
?We?re getting manhandled by this team?.again

They were outshot 35-12 after 2 periods last matchup, and today it's 35-13 after 2 periods, so.... improvement?

The PA announcer is actually encouraging these woo-bird clowns. My God.

Also the LCA dj makes me want to paint my walls in brain with his music choices

It?s nice that the ol? Blashill Lineblender 3000 is still functioning

This stick laying on the ground has more ice time than Seider tonight lol

Gemel hasn't been noticeable in his 5 mins.
Edit: scratch that. I'll take a scrap.
?Ok fighting Lemieux instantly makes him a fan favorite
?I hope Gemel's contract is structured with heavy "Punch guys named Lemieux in the face" bonuses

I?ve said it before, but the fact fans know to boo that kid for no other reason than his relation and name is why I love this fan base so much.
We hold grudges forever

Oye. the octopus thing loses it's flair if people just randomly throw it out to the ice.
?Was it random if it was after a tying goal in the third?
?Nah. but it had more the feel of "Jeez. I've had this octopus in my pants for two periods. I should really throw it out soon" moreso than "let's rally after the game tying goal."
At least... that's me.
?Hahaha. and it's dead and cold. No fun there.

Octopi sighting?
?Should not be out till playoffs

Three empty netters incoming.

Who the heck is Strand

Strand should definitely get the extra 2 there.
?Please no, let's keep this 5 on 5.

We give up a **** ton of empty netters

God Fabbri is just not at all a smart hockey player.
?Way too small. Doesn't play good D. He's pretty useless on a well constructed team.

Curley fry night, LOL
?Pity fries
?Looser curly fries just don't taste the same

Post Game
Ugh here come the trolls now?

Someone please tell me how to mute/block the word ?empty net? before this thread gets too busy

"Blashill sucks, empty net never works, DDK is trash, wheel team bad, f*** Lemieux."
Saved some of you some keystrokes there.

I'll tell ya, one of the highlights of the game for me is hearing from my Southeast Michigan Ford Dealers.

Smith should punch Tanguay in the face.

Saw some good signs from the team tonight anyway. Still beats the ***** out of last season.

Gemel sucks at fighting. Lemieux's kid (who, incidentally, looks nothing like his dad ... the mailman says hi) handled him pretty easily. The great book of grudges says this wrong needs righting.

Hey, it was better than the last time we played the kings
?Was gonna say this if someone else hadn't. We held them to under 20 shots in the first and had more than a few shots ourselves.
?And that's progress and progress is good.
?You guys know the story of Pollyanna?

Beaten by a better team tonight.

At least we are not the Habs.
?Or Arizona

Pat Verbeek is leaving? f*** you Anaheim
Athanasiou’s mustache just looks like a third eye brow lmao

LOL! thanks for doing this, Rusty.

"Fabbri looks like the bear Jew from inglorious bastards"

Lemieux's kid (who, incidentally, looks nothing like his dad ... the mailman says hi)

This would be a lot funnier if even slightly true. He looks a whole lot like his dad.
"Who the heck is Strand"

Also mentioned on LGK web site daily...
This stick laying on the ground has more ice time than Seider tonight lol

That is great lol

Lappy Sighting lol


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