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Jun 23, 2010

No lineup changes because, you know, the last two games with the same roster went so well.

Feels like a pretty obvious loss incoming, huh?
?afternoon game and an opponent we always have trouble with..Kings, Calgary and Stars?must be the Darryl Sutter effect

LA punked us last time we played them. Hopefully we come back swingin.

Pretty amazing after going 17-2-2 just how glum everyone is.

Have no fear, guys, Jarry will have a shutout, he plays against my team in my fantasy league.

Whatever. You guys are all gonna look dumb when the Penguins come roarin' out of the gates and win 1-0 in a shootout.

I can't wait for us to play the most boring game of hocket since Bobby Holik worked his magic on the Meadowlands.
?Ahhhhhhh... the contract that capped the NHL.
Still tough to believe that guy was being paid 9M a year in 2002.
But yeah this game is gonna be about as exciting as a bucket of wallpaper paste I bet.
?I don't think Holik could believe it either, tbh.

Pah. Depth in hockey only exists for when a player has just had a limb amputated. Recovery is for weaklings and Europeans.

Believe it or not
Kings lost yesterday at Flyers in OT, 3-4. Pens are 13-1-0 the last 14 times they played at home and rested the night before while their opponent played.
?So the kings lost to one of the worst teams in the league last night, which means by the transitive property they are worse than the flyers which means we'll have to play terrible against them and lose to the kings.


That's a lot of helmet polishing.
?These helmets should be banned.
?I see the Kings went with their hepatitis-A setup
?Those silver Kings helmets are atrocious. Very minor league. Future photos of them will not be kind.
--Do not like the silver helmets and white gloves. Looks like extra props from Strange Brew.
?Those helmets look awful
?Kings got Hershey kiss helmets
?I don?t hate them!
?Calm down Captain Phasma
?How am I supposed to f*** up their game by bombarding the Kings with radio waves if they?re wearing aluminum foil hats??? Curses!!
?Their helmets remind of Harry Potter when Voldemort gives Peter Pettigrew a new hand.

Kings, make the rest of the grey on your uniform shiny silver to match the helmets you cowards

Maatta has as many playoff points as Rust, in a very similar number of games.
Our playoff results started getting worse when he wasn't available.

Tight checking game so far.
?always is against the Kings?it?s why we dont beat them

Boy the Penguins utter inability to do anything against tight checking teams sure is a very new and not-at-all exhausting development.

That Happytoseeyou guy always plays tough against us

Hey terrific. Someone reset the "Days On The Blueline Since Last Injury" counter.

god i love player interviews.
theres never been one insightful comment in the history of time and it's great.

What does Kapanen do that Sullivan dislikes so much?
?Not suck enough?

Here's a thought, how about the NHL stop scheduling the Pens afternoon games.
?Why? Pretty sure their record in afternoon games over the last few years is really good.
?I would have to check. IMHO it just seems they lose a ton of afternoon games is all. Wifey and I have been to the Igloo and PPG, mostly for afternoon games because we live a distance away, and they either lose or lost in OT. That's why I feel that way.
?Maybe its you, or the wifey.

Well this is slowly unfolding into a nice little dumpster fire!

People overrate the Pens because of the winning streak?LA plays playoff hockey?I think Hextall is going to have to make a bigger move at the TDL than he thinks?

Letang has never had a pair of skates he can't pass it between.
Own team obviously. Other team, pass is going to hit skates for a breakaway.

Sweet. A powerplay. I was getting tired of not seeing enough utterly ridiculous forced passes while a bunch of guys stand around with their thumbs up their collective asses.
Hey that rhymed!

We?re going to win
?Doesn't matter as it does not count as a "good win" anyway. It's against a bottom team

Who da f*** is Trevor Moore

I hate the f***ing Kings

Matheson did everything you'd want on that play.
Letang did nothing you'd want.

Haha damn.
Carter?s extension killed the team

I'd hate to see how fast the Kings would be blowing past us if they weren't so exhausted from playing back to back. Maybe they'll show their obvious fatigue in the third period.

Wonder if there's a correlation between the pens being ****ty vs teams that play a PO style and them not winning a PO series in years?
But they've beaten like 15 ****ty teams in the past 20 games so it's cool
?They can only beat the teams they play. They didn?t make the schedule.

That 2 goal lead....50/50?
?Got them right where we want them

Cup winning strategy: avoid the LA Kings

who the f*** is travis moore

carter needs to be let go after this season.....ooops

Situation: the Penguins depth players are struggling to produce, with ZAR only having 1 goal in 36 games on the year, ERod and Heinen going incredibly dry recently and the Penguins facing quite a few injuries to good depth forwards
Solution: play the guy with 8 points in his last 12 games on the 4th line with 2 scrubs, put Rodrigues with Malkin and put ZAR with Carter.
He's playing 5D chess out here, we can't comprehend his genius.

To be fair, I kinda wonder that about most of the guys that get labeled top coaches. 99% of these guys are all preaching the same exact things and just juggling lines. Truth is, cups are won by a combo of roster makeup/health/good fortune. I truly think most* coaches are just passengers.

I?d be surprised if we win another game this season

The second Malkin returned the team has been mediocre to bad. Why is this?
?We are like 7-1-2 in that time.

If only we had Ristolainem this game would be 7-1.
7-1 Kings but, you know, more long pants.

Pens broadcast hyping some random stat like number of hits is a tradition unlike any other.

At least they aren't going to lose any momentum prior to the AS break.

Rust gets them back into a position that's only MOSTLY impossible to overcome.

L.A. is getting sleepy.... sleepy.... Sleepy....

Rust missed that opportunity there because he was surprised that Dumoulin made an intelligent play in the offensive zone.

Wait you're allowed to score after blowing a lead?
?We're appealing this after the game

Who the f*** is Trevor Moore?
?An American comedian that recently passed away. OG of WKUK.
O hockey...
Bottom 6 player looking like 1st line talent against us.

Trevor Moore again FFS who the hell is he.

Post Game

PGT bingo:
x goals in x games
Fire Sully
Line 1 hasn't done anything since 2017

Don't forget "17 wins in _x_ games!" as x keeps increasing even if the '17' does not.

we just lost to the elderly.

Dreadful game from Malkin. He needs to make some f***ing saves.

You can?t beat Trevor Moore. You can only hope to contain him.

Zach Aston-Reese is the epitome of a hole in a toilet paper while wiping your ass.

Before everybody gets traded and Sullivan gets fired again, they played 7 games in 10.5 days and only lost in regulation today. So.

Love the comments about Moore and the after resigning Carter killing the team. You?d think the Pens weren?t in playoff contention. East coast fans. Don?t they know the kings own the east coast this year. Haha
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--Do not like the silver helmets and white gloves. Looks like extra props from Strange Brew.
?How am I supposed to f*** up their game by bombarding the Kings with radio waves if they?re wearing aluminum foil hats??? Curses!!
Trevor Moore again FFS who the hell is he.

Oh, this is great! How do they not know that Trevor Moore is a Thousand Oaks native????

And, whoever wrote this comment needs their own stand-up gig - :lol:
we just lost to the elderly.

and, I know SloMo already quoted one of these, but....come on....this is comedy gold!

–How am I supposed to f*** up their game by bombarding the Kings with radio waves if they’re wearing aluminum foil hats??? Curses!

Kings, make the rest of the grey on your uniform shiny silver to match the helmets you cowards
I'd say how can a winning teams' fanbase be so angry/whiny, but I was on LGK in the cup years - so I already know.
who the f*** is travis moore

I love it! Thanks!
Cup winning strategy: avoid the LA Kings

Cup winning strategy: avoid the LA Kings

me likey....
--Do not like the silver helmets and white gloves. Looks like extra props from Strange Brew.

Random movie reference lol.

I think the silver helmets were causing electromagnetic interference in the Bally Feed. My TV picture kept going pixelated.
"we just lost to the elderly"...lmao.

Loved the Strange Brew comment too...at this point we might as well suit up as the storm troopers with those helmets...

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