WTS: PHI @ LAK - Yandle is my hero


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Jun 23, 2010
Yeah fans are just lining up to watch Keith Yandle play hockey.
?Yeah, No.
?This will be The Sports Story of 2022!! ESPN will have a 30 for 30 on it. Pres. Biden will have him at White House too!!
?Even the authentic fans on Twitter want Yandle out of the lineup at this point
?The only people that want to watch Yandle play are the opposing teams
?In all seriousness, I don?t think Yandle is even an AHL player at this point. This farce needs to end.

Games like this are what drives me crazy. The Kings already won cups and moved on from guys. Now they are a good team again or at least ok. Meanwhile, the flyers haven?t won any cups and are worse!!! They added good centers via the draft and UFA like we should have too. They did the same to win cups. Hod knows why we went after ****ty D and not centers.
?We drafted Rubtsov, Laberge, Patrick, Frost and JOB. That's not enough centers for you, 4 1st rd picks and a 2nd, plus Bunnaman, Vorobyev and Laczynski.
The problem wasn't the failure to draft centers, it was the failure to draft the right centers.

10pm starts not good enough for you, West Coast? Have to stick it to us with that extra half hour?
?"I'll sleep when I'm dead."
?These game times suck
?what's up with 10:30 start times
?7:30 LA start
?I feel like I?ve waited so long for this game that I died, was reincarnated 6 times, and am still waiting.

Nice start to 2022, idiots.
Good start for the graphics crew, too, giving the goal to the Flyers.
?We're off to the races! I mean the glue factory!
?Jones could not of played that worse lol
?From what I can find, tied for the third quickest 1-0 deficit in team history.

**** a pp, we?re f***ed
?Progress- they did not get scored a SHG

I?ll bet Ristolainen cheats at solitaire but still loses.

I'm always shocked when an opposition shot doesn't go in the net. I think I should stop calling the team we face "the opposition" when you consider how opposed I am to the Flyers.

Don't ever, for any reason, do anything to anyone for any reason ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you've been... ever, for any reason whatsoever pass to Yandle

Oh no a penalty shot is just a mini shootout
?You gotta go high on Quick

I'll never forget Snoop Dogg calling him Drew Dootie

LW Moore C Danault RW Arvidsson line owning the Flyers.

Great first 40 seconds of both periods so far.

Our passing to the Kings are so crisp

whats the most coaches fired by one team in a year?
?Not sure but the last time two coaches got fired in season were 11-12 Kings.
Terry Murray fired, Jon Stevens fired, then Darryl Suter took over and the rest is history. {That?s not how I remember it}

They all
Equally suck

I'm so glad Chuck had the foresight to spend a bunch of assets in the offseason. He transformed a bland mediocre team into an aggressively bland mediocre team. And it shows.

What happens when we play a good team ?

How are there teams worse than us?

Carolina scored five in the third today. What are the realistic odds of a five goal third period for the Flyers tonight?
?I would put a lot of money - a LOT of money - on the odds of us giving up five before we scored five. But I have zero dollars and don't gamble for money.
Actually, a 9-1 loss to the Kings would do a lot of good. I'd like us to lose as many 9-1 games in a row as it would take to make management aim for Bedard 2023.

G line - 60.35 xGF%
Frost line - 47.86 xGF%
4th line - 41.59 xGF%
Hayes line - 12.03 xGF%

Its impossible to explain my hate for this roster, staff, and fanbase.
Rotten from tippy top to very bottom, with the exception of a minuscule handful of players.

I can't understand how or why there is so much time left in this game.
?Time moves slower the closer you get to the Flyers. That?s just physics.

they need to put yandles locker in the shower. there is no way hes not pissing off some of his teammates. i want yandle crying in his stall with hayes rubbing his shoulder telling him it will be ok while all the other guys on the team give him ****ty looks.

The Flyers achillies heal is, and will always be, sticking their necks out for the ****ty player who is a "good guy" at the expense of the entire team.
Yandle is the latest case of that.
?Nate Thompson

Pretty sad when your fourth line is your best line with 2 waiver wire pick ups and a free agent out of college

The clock hasn't moved in 25 minutes.

Kings 4th line has goal in 7 of last 9 games , does that apply to any of our lines ?

Just want to congratulate Yandle on keeping his streak alive of games in which he single handedly cost us a goal.....congrats buddy you should be so proud of yourself....You definitely deserve the consecutive game streak....

Much like a night in Marina del Rey, some things are better left unsaid.

?I don?t want to use the injury excuse, but imagine if this team still had Nate Thompson.? (actual Chuck Fletcher thought bubble)

I watched like 10 minutes of this game, which felt like an hour and was still too much.
”I’ll bet Ristolainen cheats at solitaire but still loses.”

Its fun to see that no matter the team...Philly fans are going to be Philly fans LOL
It's one thing to whine about 10:30 PM start times but the game was on a Saturday. They need to grow a pair.
?I feel like I?ve waited so long for this game that I died, was reincarnated 6 times, and am still waiting.

Our passing to the Kings are so crisp

?We're off to the races! I mean the glue factory!

...And the best one from an obvious LA transplant:

Much like a night in Marina del Rey, some things are better left unsaid.

poor Yandle. I always liked him because his name is just so much fun to say, and he was always so steady for the Yotes.

this one cracked me up:
Our passing to the Kings are so crisp
Yikes! Poor Yandle! Oh well, what can you expect from Philly fans. They BOO Santa Claus.

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