LGK Forum Rules

Note: Rules of conduct apply to posting and all profile fields of your user account, including, but not limited to username, user title, webpage, avatar, signature, and location.

1. Flaming: Do not post any messages that insult, belittle, threaten or flame another member or guest. No Personal attacks. Debates are fine, but argue the point, not the person.

2. Harassment: Harassment and/or cyber stalking of another user will not be tolerated. This applies to any contact through information gained on LGK in a users profile including email, PM's and IM's.

3. Trolling: Do not post inflammatory, rude or offensive messages designed to annoy and antagonize the existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion. Please note that a person disagreeing with your opinion is NOT trolling; keep it civil, even if you're sure the other person is wrong.

4. Offensive Posts, Links or Images: No NSFW content. NSFW ("Not Safe For Work") is defined as anything that most people would not want seen by their bosses, parents or teachers. Do not post or link to nude pictures or sexually oriented material. Do not use profanity, racial, ethnic and religious or any other slurs. Pictures of women posted in Home Ice cannot wear more revealing outfits than the LA Kings Ice Girl costumes.

5. Circumventing the Profanity Filter: Do not circumvent the profanity filter by using characters, different spelling, periods or spaces (Examples are a$, s.h.i.t , Fvck). If you feel the need to swear, just type the word in & let the profanity filter do its job. Do not post pictures with profane words clearly shown.

6. Attacking/Disobeying the Moderators: If you disagree with something the moderators did, feel free to let them know, but do it privately through PM or email. Polite questions or explanations will always be treated with equal respect. If a moderator gives you specific instructions in a warning, and you blatantly disregard it, you are subject to being banned without further warning.

7. LGK Politics: If you have been warned or banned, disagree with something or have a question relating to how or why a moderator has done something, DO NOT POST IT ON THE BOARD. Do not refer to it in your user title, signature, avatar or anywhere in your user profile. These should be dealt with privately through PM's. If you choose to take your warning or disagreement with a moderator public by posting it on the board, it will be deleted and a warning issued.

8. No Disclosure of Personal Information: Do not disclose any other member's email, real name, address, phone number, IP address, or other personal information. This includes posting contents of emails and private messages without the sender's consent whether on LGK or any other website. Do not bring personal disputes into the forums. Bans and warnings issued to other users are considered personal information.

9. Copyrighted Material: Generally you can assume that anything you find online is copyrighted. We prefer you post a synopsis in your own words and you MUST include a link to the article, but it's permissible to quote a few lines. DO NOT POST ENTIRE ARTICLES. If you have a question about copyrights see Brad Templeton's Ten Big Myths about Copyrights. All pictures, articles, message board posts, etc. are the property of LetsGoKings.com and may not be reproduced with out the express permission of LGK management.

10. Banned Users: Do not post on behalf of or about someone who is banned. No threads discussing who has been banned or why. When someone has been banned, they are not part of LGK anymore. Whether the ban is temporary or permanent, we don't discuss it on the board. You may also face a ban and/or warning if you link to the website of a banned member.

11. Ban Circumvention. If you re-register during a ban, your ban will at the very least be doubled. How much your ban will be increased or if it will be made permanent is at the discretion of the moderators.

12. Spamming/Advertising: Do not double post or cross-post the same message in multiple forums. You may not mass-PM or mass-email multiple members of this site the same message. This includes "bump threads" and posts intended merely to increase one's post count. Posting of advertisements for products or services, links to auctions, affiliate links, links to promote websites, blogs, and so forth is not allowed anywhere. If your very first post is to advertise another forum, a free iPod or any other form of spamming, you will be banned. If you would like to advertise on LGK, please contact the Webmaster at mikezed@charter.net.

13. Report Bad Post: If a post violates any of these rules, use the "Report This Post" button. This is very helpful to the moderators, as they cannot read every post. DO NOT post in the forums to report offensive posts. The moderators will review it and handle it accordingly. You will not be contacted regarding your report. Whatever action is taken, if any, will remain confidential. If you report a post and then quote it in your reply, you are also subject to warning.

14. Abuse of Report Bad Post: Multiple reports per thread, duplicate or frivolous reports will be deemed abuse and subject to warning. Every report is addressed. Please do not report something more than once.

15. Off-Topic Posting: Posts are to be on the topic of the board description where they're posted. Off topic posts may be moved or closed at the moderators' discretion.

16. Misleading Titles: The subject line of the post should be as informative as possible about the actual content of the post. Misleading or incorrect titles are subject to being edited by the moderators at their discretion.

17. Duplicate Threads: Check the first 3 pages of the board before posting to make sure someone has not already started a similar thread. Pages can be accessed at the immediate bottom right on the board. Duplicate or similar threads are subject to being merged or closed at the discretion of the moderator.

18. Libel: Any posts libeling players, prospects, or hockey personnel. It's not acceptable to post that you heard Player X has a drinking/drug/sex/personal problem from a "good" source. A link to a credible media source must be posted to support such claims. Other forums and personal websites are not considered credible.

19. Claiming to be a Public Figure: If you are one (or are a family member/friend of one) and wish to post as such, contact an administrator for verification.

20. Outlandish Claims of Inside Information: This is subjective and will be at the discretion of the moderator after consulting with other posters and other administrators. Deference will be given to veteran members who have established credibility.

21. One Account per User: Multiple accounts are not permitted. If you have a good reason for needing more than one account, contact an administrator and ask for permission.

22. Thread Hijacking: Taking a thread off-topic to pursue one's own agenda.

23. Shouting: Excessive use of caps, large fonts.

24. IP Blocking: If we discover you are using IP blocking software, you will receive one warning and a week to change it. If you continue using it, you will be banned without further warning.

25. Warez: Do not use these forums (this includes Private Messages) to swap/sell/buy illegal software (or other illegal materials), or even to arrange swapping. No linking to "underground" or "pirate" sites to get copyrighted materials, or asking for said sites. This includes FTP servers, websites, and the like. Discussion of widely known, established file sharing services (such as Kazaa) or websites (like Digital Archive Project) is acceptable.

26. Live Game Streams: Recently there have been a number of illegal live game streams available on the net. FSN holds the exclusive license to Kings game broadcasts. Therefore, linking to the un-official streams is not permitted on LetsGoKings.com because (like warez sites) it is sharing copyrighted material without permission.

27. Moderator Defined: This is a long list of rules, but obviously it can't anticipate every situation. For that reason, LGK reserves the right to remove any user at any time for any reason. If we think you're trying to manipulate the system, you'll be removed.

28. The First Amendment & Online Message Boards: This is a privately owned message board. Your First Amendment rights mean nothing here. Calling us Nazi's and throwing around your right to free speech will get you nowhere. The First Amendment only prevents the government from trampling on your right to free speech, not the people who run a message board. The Administrator and moderators of LetsGoKings.com reserve the right to remove, edit, close or delete any thread, at any time, for any reason.

29. No political discussion of any type is allowed in any forum. This includes political avatars or signatures.

Useful Information

LGK Events: If you want to plan something involving LGK members and wish to post it on the board, you must first get approval from Rinkrat.

UserCP: The user control panel is accessible through a link at the top of the message board. You can edit your profile, options, signature and avatar through the UserCP. You can also access your subscribed threads and private messages. Team LGK: Paid service offering special privileges including: fewer ads and no pop-ups, larger avatars, avatar hosting, photo gallery, Team LGK logo, unlimited arcade games, special ticket giveaways, priority seating and more. You can check pricing and join Team LGK through the link on the main page.

Avatars: Regular members (Skaters) maximum image size is 100 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller). Team LGK members maximum image size is 125 by 125 pixels or 29.3 KB (whichever is smaller). New members (Draft Picks) do not have avatars until promoted to Skater.

Signatures: Regular members (Skaters) maximum image size: 300x200 (pixels) or 30KB (whichever is smaller) and up to 4 lines of text at a 2pt. font. Team LGK maximum image size: 550x200 or 50KB (whichever is smaller) and 6 lines of text at a 4pt. font. Only 1 image allowed in signatures. New members (Draft Picks) do not have signatures until promoted to Skater.

Warnings and Bans: LGK uses a points-based warning system. Each warning carries with it an assigned number of points and a warn maturity in days. Upon expiration of the warn maturity, the points are removed. A PM (private message) ONLY is sent when a warning is issued. If you do not have the PM system enabled in your UserCP options you will receive no notification. However, you will be able to see if warning points have been added by looking at any of your posts. Multiple warnings may be given for the same post if there are multiple rules violated. An automatic ban is issued when a user accumulates 10 points. It should be noted that when a user reaches 10 points they will not receive a PM with the final warning. They will simply be banned. Points are not removed when the ban expires. Points are only removed when they reach their warn maturity time. Therefore, if you return from a ban and commit another violation before any points expire, it is likely you will be banned again. A historical warning record remains after points expire. Ban lengths are incremental. The first ban is for a period of 7 days, the second is for 14 days, the third is for 21 days, and the fourth is permanent. Temporarily banned users have access to a private forum where they may seek clarification or appeal. Users in that forum may only view their own threads and may only discuss their ban. Any further threads will be deleted and the user may receive an additional warning or time added to their ban. We will not reply to email from temporarily banned users. Permanently banned members may only contact us via email by writing to mikezed@charter.net. Most bans are temporary until a 4th ban. In the event that one of the automatic ban options is used, it will be reviewed by an administrator to determine whether it's appropriate, and whether it should be upgraded to a permanent ban. Moderators will also provide input if they feel a temporary ban is insufficient for the offense. If you have a question about a warning, contact the moderator who issued it by PM. Complaints about moderator abuse should be sent to the Webmaster at mikezed@charter.net