2 Free Tickets to Tonight's Game: Section 219, Row 1


Bartender on Dry Island
Apr 19, 2001
PM me. If my box is full, the tickets are probably gone...
I've got 2 end seats, front row, in 320 that I'll sell cheap if JT's are already gone. Like 30 per seat?

I just got 8 stitches on the back of my arm and don't want to go anywhere, except beer town...

PM me if interested.
First PM got them: enjoy the game Clif.
Thanks again for the generosity in putting those seats out there, jt. Made for a great spontaneous date with my girlfriend on a Tuesday night.

Hadn’t been to a game since earlier in the season so finally got to see Byfield live, as well as Durzi. Watched Spence a lot. Got beat his share but more often made those good quick plays to get the puck out of danger. Fun to watch.

Also, CO really is a big team.

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