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Jul 28, 2004

There will be quite a bit of content coming today, as the Kings held their annual player exit interviews for media this morning at the team’s practice facility in El Segundo.

First up are comments from a pair of pending Unrestricted Free Agents, defenseman Matt Roy and forward Viktor Arvidsson…

Roy on if he’s had any updates from his agent regarding the possibility of a contract extension with the Kings:

I haven’t heard from anyone about anything like that. As the summer goes down, we’ll hear more about it.

Arvidsson (on the same question):

Same for me.

Roy on how any contract talks may have progressed this season:

We were just looking to check in around Christmas, New Year’s; which we did. Unfortunately, we had a tough January and then everything went down with Todd and all that stuff. So, I think that just kind of put a hold on everything. We all decided just to wait until the summer to see where we’re at.

Arvidsson on if he had any talks with management during the season of a possible extension:

No, nothing. Injuries were a big part of my season, so I was just focused on that. I think they wanted to let me focus on that too, so I could come back healthy. So, there were no talks as far as [an extension] or anything like that.

Arvidsson on if he’s looking for term on any new deal he signs this summer:

We’ll see what happens. We’ll talk to management here. I haven’t done that yet, so I’m going to see where it takes us.

Roy on if he’d like to stay in LA or first explore free agency and see what’s out there:

I love this team. I love the guys on the team. LA is a great city, great place to play. I’d be more than happy to stay. Obviously, it’s business for both the team and myself. So, we’re Kind of going into the summer open-minded and we’ll see what comes my way, and just kind of go from there.

Roy on how important this next contract will be for him and his family:

I think it’s very important. Age-wise, I’m at that point in my career where some term and stability would be great for my family. That’s a key factor for me. Again, I’d love to stay here and make it work, but we’ll see where all that goes.

Roy on getting something done during the season vs. over the summer:

I think it’s nice to get something done, it kind of takes the stress away. But it can also be stressful trying to play through negotiations and stuff like that. So, again, you just kind of take it as it is. You just try to focus on playing and take it day by day.

Arvidsson on his second injury and if he’s fully healthy now or will require more work in the offseason:

No, it was something different. [I am] 100% now. I wouldn’t have played in the playoffs or down the stretch if wasn’t 100%.

Arvidsson on how satisfying it was to be 100% and be able to play late in the regular season in the playoffs:

It was awesome. The first five games after the second injury, I was kind of scared. I didn’t know where it was going to go. Obviously, it went well. I appreciate management and the trainers and everybody who helped me throughout the year.

Arvidsson on if he’ll be able to do full, regular training during the offseason:

Yeah, maybe a little focused on different parts that I had surgeries on and stuff like that. It’s gonna be a little bit different.

Arvidsson on what he may have learned about himself over what had to be a difficult season for him personally:

It was hard for me when the team went through that stretch [in Dec/Jan] and with the coach getting fired. I wasn’t able to help out and be a factor on the ice or in the room. I think that kind of stressed me out a little bit. I was coming back to a new coach, a little bit of new systems stuff. It was kind of stressful for me.

Arvidsson on if he’s spoken with anybody at Team Sweeden about possibly playing at the World Championships:

I’m going to talk to them today, so we’ll see where things are going to end up. But my first priority is to just take care of my body right now. I have to get ready for next year and we’ll see if that works.

Roy on the possibility of playing for Team USA at the World Championships:

No, I won’t be going.

Roy on the pride he takes in building out a solid career coming off of being a seventh round draft pick:

I’m definitely proud of myself. I think I worked my ass off for a long time and I’m happy that it’s paying off. At the same time, there have been so many people that helped me. People in the organization, people out of the organizations, and family. There have been a lot of people that have helped me get to this point. I’m appreciative of them. For myself, it’s been a lot of hard work and I’m just glad it’s been paying off so far.

Roy on LA’s penalty kill struggling in the playoffs after being so successful during the regular season:

I think they’re — obviously, they have the best power playing the league, and they have a couple of the best players in the world on it. They have more of a passing mindset, they look for a lot of seem passes. Our system had a lot of different 2-on-1s that we had to take care of. I think we did a good job of finding those lanes. They just had a lot of different looks. They just capitalized on them better.


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