3 Months of Apple TV + for free


Ixnay Uxday
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Aug 17, 1999
Get 3 months of Apple TV + for free without having to buy anything!
Just put it in your cart at Best Buy and "purchase". I think it's a glitch.

I just got it and now I can finally see the complete Ted Lasso series.

New or Returning customers only.
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If you haven't seen Ted Lasso, Severance or Silo, then this is a no-brainer.
Don't know if your 3 months free are over, but I forgot to recommend The After Party. Season 2 just dropped.

If you have a magenta Tmobile plan, you get Apple TV for free. I learned this when I got an email saying that Paramount Plus was increasing their pricing model and that Tmobile could not honor it.

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