30-year-old LA County sheriff's deputy shot, killed in Palmdale ambush


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Apr 1, 2006
30-year-old LA County sheriff's deputy shot, killed in Palmdale ambush

PALMDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy was fatally shot Saturday night while in his patrol vehicle in what authorities described as an ambush in Palmdale. The shooter remained on the loose Sunday.
Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, a 30-year-old field training officer, was shot Saturday just outside the Palmdale Sheriff's Station at the corner of Sierra Highway and Avenue Q.
Sheriff Robert Luna said a good Samaritan found the deputy unconscious inside the vehicle around 6 p.m.
Clinkunbroomer was quickly rushed to the Antelope Valley Medical Center in Lancaster where he later died.
Please say a prayer for Deputy Clinkunbroomer, his family & friends and all of my brothers and sisters at LASD. Only 5 years on 30 years old and recently engaged. His life was taken by some f***ing coward who couldn't even give Dep. Clinkunbroomer a chance to defend himself. At least they caught the coward and he was given the opportunity to surrender without a fight and was taken into custody alive :fpalm: unlike Dep. Clinkunbroomer.

I probably should stop now before I say something I will regret, but this is the reason why I retired when I did. No respect for the police and no ramifications for when something bad happens to an officer or deputy. sh*thead will probably be given life without parole and let out sooner than later due to over crowding or he will be found incompetent to stand trial due to mental illness and.....

Ok time to stop.......

Godspeed Deputy Clinkunbroomer..... :popo:
RIP Deputy Clinkunbroomer

I hope his death changes the course of these ridiculous policies that embolden criminals

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