Adrian Kempe Bananas In Tacos

Dr. Tran

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So everyone’s probably heard about this. But if not, Adrian Kempe puts bananas in his tacos. What I don’t know is what kind of tacos. Carne asada with onions, cilantro, & salsa? Crunchy tacos with ground beef, cheese, lettuce, & tomatoes? Chicken soft tacos? Anyway I got curious so I tried all 3. And they were pretty terrible. Sorry Juice, they just don’t go well. Of the 3, carne asada worked the best but was still below average. And the crunchy tacos were the absolute worst. Would other meats work like barbacoa, carnitas, al pastor, or lengua? I don’t know. And maybe they’d be better if they were fried or sautéed. Or even plantains. But not slices of raw banana. Anyway, has anyone dared to try it? And do you agree or disagree?


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