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Jul 26, 2005
John Woo's A Better Tomorrow to be Restored in 4K

The Organizing Committee of the Shanghai International Film Festival has announced that acclaimed director John Woo's classic action film A Better Tomorrow (1986) will be restored in 4K in 2015. According to ChinaDaily, the restoration will be completed at Cineteca di Bologna with the financial support of Swiss watch maker Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Sounds good to me!
Takashi Miike’s “Over Your Dead Body” Gets a Poster! | Film Smash


Based on the 1825 kabuki play "Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan" by Tsuruya Nanboku.

Oh, **** yes.

Check out a teaser trailer and some images here: Over Your Dead Body - AsianWiki
review of Kim Ki-Duk's "Moebius" | Film Smash

This is the sort of art-house cinema that no doubt will be labelled pretentious by those who can’t stand having the message open for interpretation, who require it all spelled out for them in bitesize chunks and wrapped up in a happy conclusion. Hollywood fans should turn back now, for this is brutal, violent and bleak, but also one of the most bizarrely beautiful and poetic slices of cinema to have been made for years. A masterpiece in every sense of the word.

I want to see this soooooooooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
Watch: Bong Joon-Ho’s 4-Part Student Film 'Incoherence' | The Playlist

The Seventh Art has dug up Bong’s four-part student film, “Incoherence.” The nearly-half-hour 1994 short film finds the “Mother” director beginning to refine his style with his trademark black humor and sudden tonal shifts already bubbling up, as well as some social commentary about moral authority figures.

Bookmarked that **** to come back to later...
Sion Sono’s “Tokyo Tribe” Poster and Detailed Synopsis! | Film Smash


Tokyo. A multitude of tribes exist, with resident youth ruling the streets through violence while protecting their own turf. Shibuya Saru, Shinjuku Hands, Kabuki GiraGira Girls, Musashino Saru and…Bukuro Wu – Ronz. Until now, crossing territorial lines has led to riots and rumbles.

In Bukuro, Big Buppa (Big Daddy), his son Nkoi and Wu – Ronz leader Mera have local politicians in their pockets, taking control of the neighbourhood while expanding their power. Even within tribal rivalries, Mera holds a particular grudge against Musashino Saru.

One day, Tokyo Tribe’s lead character Kai, a Musashino Saru member, enters Bukuro turf with fellow gang member Hasheem and Musashino Saru leader Tera to help out their abducted comrade, Kim. There, Kai meets a mysterious girl named Sunmi. Kai and Mera face off. Why does Mera regard Kai with such hostility? What is Sunmi’s true identity? Who is the “Archbishop” that Big Daddy’s crew revere?

The tribes are on the verge of exploding. Tonight, Tokyo is about to be enveloped

God, I love Sion Sono. I just bought three of his movies on Region B blu-ray without even having a compatible player (but I'm buying one soon). Can't wait to see this already.
Blood Spilled In Teaser For Vietnamese Thriller SCANDAL: THE COMEBACK | Twitch

After the box-office hit Vengeful Heart became the highest-grossing film ever in Vietnam, veteran director Victor Vu once again explores scandalous showbiz with some touches of horror.

Scandal: The Comeback is the story of Bella, a once-famous actress trying to recapture her old glory days with the help of plastic surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery fails and Bella dies on the operating table. But a few months later, Bella suddenly comes back.


All in all this is silly entertainment on the grandest of scales, a Chinese counterpart to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. But make no mistake: this film easily wipes the floor with all but the first film in that series. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed myself. And I wasn't the only one, as the film ended high in the Imagine Festival's audience rating list.

The first Detective Dee movie was a lot of fun. Glad to see the sequel is the same. - RIGOR MORTIS lands on U.S DVD

Released yesterday on DVD and Blu.

Venice 2013 Review: RIGOR MORTIS Pays Eerie Homage To Hong Kong Vampires | Twitch

The result is a film that will no doubt surprise many viewers, both in its maturity, technical competence and host of uniformly excellent performances. Mak has refused to go easy on himself with his latest artistic endeavor, venturing even further into the moody darkness that his earlier work, Revenge: A Love Story, suggested, while also embracing CGI and local horror iconography. Rigor Mortis is a slowburn by typical vampire movies standards, and never attempts to resurrect the humour of Mr. Vampire and its contemporaries, but proves a brave, confident and assured debut from a new independent voice in Hong Kong Cinema.
Rigor Mortis (Blu-ray / DVD) Review - Dread Central

Rigor Mortis is an incredibly fun haunted house film that is sure to spark inspiration across all points of horror creation as it pushes conventions and breaks out of a mold we may have thought represented the furthest this genre could go. Fans who have been following Asian horror cinema for years will have plenty to gush over as the film nods to their favorite creeps while your everyday horror fan will be dragging friends home for repeated viewings much like fans of comic book-inspired films do with Brotherhood of the Wolf. Grab your friends and see this film!

Read more: Rigor Mortis (Blu-ray / DVD) Review - Dread Central
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Olive Films to Release Two Sion Sono Films on Blu-ray

U.S. distributors Olive Films have announced that they will release on Blu-ray directed by Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono: Guilty of Romance (2011), starring Miki Mizuno, Makoto Togashi, and Megumi Kagurazaka, and Himizu (2011), starring Sh?ta Sometani, Fumi Nikaid?, and Tetsu Watanabe. The two releases are scheduled to arrive on the U.S. market in October.

Naturally, this gets announced shortly after I broke down and bought the UK Blu-rays. Still good news, though.

EDIT: this release of Guilty has the international cut (almost 30 extra minutes) and the UK Blu does not. ****! Guess I'm double dipping.
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Fantasia Review: Takashi Miike's Enjoyably Wacky 'The Mole Song – Undercover Agent Reiji' | The Playlist

While not of his finest efforts, 'The Mole Song' nonetheless makes the case that at 53 years old, Miike is still one of Japan's most fascinating and exciting directors. But he alone doesn't earn the credit for the success of this one. That falls on the shoulders of T?ma who makes look easy, what is a very tricky comedic performance that's not only difficult to pull off, but to sustain for an entire movie, particularly when you're on screen for nearly all of it. The carnival universe of 'The Mole Song' rotates entirely about Reiji, and T?ma makes his principled Reiji heroic, sweet-natured, relentless and go-for-broke all at once, infusing the character with such youthful conviction, that it's impossible not to root for him. And for the film too.
Fantasia Review: Award-Winning South Korean Indie 'Han Gong-Ju' Is Damaged And Beautiful | The Playlist

Woo-hee's performance is nothing short of extraordinary; fierce, gentle, brave, and vulnerable all at once. Young-lan Lee’s invests Ms. Lee with color and insight, but she’s sadly not given nearly enough attention as the character warrants. Image and sound fluidly convey the mystery at the heart of the film, and alongside Woo-hee's lead performance, they remain the highlight of "Han Gong-ju." How the puzzle pieces fit in the third act leave a satisfying feeling, alongside some of the most brutal cinema you'll see this year. Yet the gnawing sense of failed potential is inescapable. Similar to its title character, "Han Gong-ju" is beautiful, brave and ambitious but ultimately too damaged to blossom into greatness. [C+]

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