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Exclusive: Richard Jenkins Faces The Fear In Clip From '4 Minute Mile'|The Playlist

Directed by Charles-Olivier Michaud, and starring Kelly Blatz, Richard Jenkins, Cam Gigandet, Analeigh Tipton, Rhys Coiro and Kim Basinger, the story follows high school student Drew whose life is stuck between running drug payments for a local dealer, dealing with his deadbeat brother and overworked mother, all while trying to maintain the attentions of girl at school. But Drew is changed and finds purpose when he meets an ex-track coach who decides to take him under his wing. And in this exclusive clip, we see Jenkins as that mentor, giving Drew a speech he won't soon forget.

Video at the link. I do love me some Richard Jenkins.
Stormare's greatest role:

His worst role: Armageddon
Review: 'Heatstroke' Starring Stephen Dorff And Maisie Williams|The Playlist

Of course Peter Stormare shows up as the sleazy head of the criminals. Of course he's being forced to do the world's most unconvincing American accent. And of course his henchmen are faceless grunts who have no inner lives, and who mostly crack jokes at each others' expense, knowing full well they're disposable idiots on a mission in the desert. Some suspense thrillers are spare, spartan, relying on the primal appeal of a cat-and-mouse chase. And some are just chess matches with a sea of pawns shifted, pushed and pulled in different directions. You wish Evelyn Purcell's action thriller just had a bit more character, and not a budget-cutting location that looked great in front of a camera. [D+]

Yeah, but Stormare is a 'working actor' who ain't afraid to pick up a paycheck now and again so it's no surprise.
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