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Jul 26, 2005
Looks like we recently lost this thread again, too.

Review: J.C. Chandor's 'A Most Violent Year' Starring Oscar Isaac & Jessica Chastain

"Margin Call" was about people who had all the money in the world, until they didn't; "All is Lost," was about an expert seaman who had total control of his journey until he lost it. "A Most Violent Year" feels like that vertiginous moment when you may have tipped your chair too far back, but extended to two hours: Is this when Abel triumphs? Is this where he falls? "A Most Violent Year" asks you to watch and listen and pay close attention; it also rewards that investment with subtle, real pleasures and provocations. Set in that messy place where crime, business, law and politics intersect ? which is to say, the real world ? "A Most Violent Year" is a slow-burn drama about what kinds of compromises you'll make in order to tell yourself you haven't compromised. [A]

Heard a lot of good things about this one.
Review: Bennett Miller's Haunting & Tragic 'Foxcatcher' With Steve Carell, Channing Tatum & Mark Ruffalo

We’ve been anticipating "Foxcatcher" since forever, it feels like, and our expectations were sky high, and yet in almost every way this towering film exceeds them. The sweeping intelligence of Miller’s enormous movie feels like it will be feeding our minds for days to come and as the best of his films, it is also simply one of the best dramas dissecting contemporary America (despite its period) that we've ever seen. Like the fox hunts that are a recurring motif or like the munitions with which the du Pont family first made their fortune, the arc of this story tends inexorably towards senseless death, but Miller has taken this unthinkable crime and carefully, precisely, dazzlingly, thought it out. [A]
Pawel Pawlikowski’s 'Ida' Wins Big At European Film Awards

Poland's Oscar entry, Pawel Pawlikowski’s "Ida," took home the major prizes — Best European Film, Best European Director, Best European Screenwriter, Best European Cinematographer, and the People's Choice Award — in a near sweep of the European Film Awards, with Agata Trzebuchowska missing out on Best European Actress to Marion Cotillard for "Two Days, One Night." Other wins of note include Timothy Spall for Best European Actor for his work in "Mr. Turner," and Steve McQueen honored with a World Cinema award.

Ida is on Netflix, by the way.
First Trailer For KUMIKO, THE TREASURE HUNTER Is Haunting and Beautiful

I have yet to see Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter but I’m counting the days until I get the opportunity. The new film from writing/directing team David and Nathan Zellner (Kid Thing) is a riff on a popular urban legend about a girl who believes Fargo is a true story and goes searching for the money Steve Buscemi‘s character buried near the end of that movie. Of course the legend isn’t true (the young woman who died in real life wasn’t searching for the money), but the Zellners used it as a springboard for a film that looks like a fantastic examination of loneliness and obsession.

Hit the jump to check out the Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter trailer. The film stars Rinko Kikuchi, Nobuyuki Katsube, Shirley Venard, David Zellner, & Nathan Zellner. The score by The Octopus Project won a special jury award at Sundance. It hits select theaters on March 13th, 2015.


Are they making movies SPECIFICALLY for Adgy now?
I watched Foxcatcher yesterday (I think it's a drama?)

Geezus what a downer. Steve Carrell and Channing Tatum were both really good. But my god, hard to sit through and when it ends I couldn't help feeling did I really need to see that??
Unbroken was hard to sit through too!

spoiler alert

At least I got to see someone grab and kill a shark with bare hands from a life raft?

I quickly had to go home and put The Ref, Chasing Mavericks, and In Brugges on to get myself in a different mindset
Review: Fast, Funny, And Incredibly Heartfelt 'Loitering With Intent' With Marisa Tomei & Sam Rockwell

Rockwell and Tomei are obvious standouts, bringing a rawness and electricity that often goes untapped in their more mainstream material, and Geraghty (from "The Hurt Locker") shows major comedic dimension in a role that could have been plucked out of an Alexander Payne joint (and we mean that in the best possible way). If the movie is an extended hangout session, there could certainly be less fun people to spend your time with. It might be slight, but "Loitering With Intent" is fast, funny, and incredibly heartfelt. And sometimes that's enough. [B+]

Sounds like it's right in Rockwell's wheelhouse. I'm in.
ANARCHY Trailer: Director Michael Almereyda Fills William Shakespeare’s CYMBELINE with Bullets, Blood, and Bikers

CHRONIC Review | Cannes 2015

The applause at the end of the screening for Chronic arrived with a slight delay. Everyone seemed to be taken aback by the sudden, predictable, yet at the same time unexpected, ending. In this evocative film where silence speaks more than words, Mexican director Michel Franco paints a bleak study of man. It is quite straightforward: a nurse tends to his patients then goes on with his banal day-to-day activities. Yet there is more complexity as the story gradually unfolds...

...Raising certain ethical and moral questions (I won’t spoil), Chronic is intelligent and as deranged as Roth’s performance, one of the most transcendent in this year’s Official Selection.

Rating: A-

OOOh I'm a sucker for Tim Roth, and this sounds like a great tough watch.
Cannes Review: Justin Kurzel's 'Macbeth' Starring Michael Fassbender & Marion Cotillard

Nonetheless, this is remarkable movie, a scorched-earth rendering of a classic story that achieves importance without tipping into self-importance. Indeed, the scope of Kurzel's ambition for his sophomore film almost rivals that of his title character. But perhaps he heeded the advice of the second witch better than the mad King could: his "Macbeth" is "bloody, bold, and resolute," displaying a directorial confidence that is breathtaking and a peerless intelligence in interpretation (the staging of the Birnam Woods sequence is particularly inspired). In Kurzel's "Macbeth," the beautiful ferocity and complexity of Shakespeare's "Macbeth" is reborn, forged in iron, blood, and fire. [A-]
ALOHA Review

It appears that Cameron Crowe scribbled out the idea for Aloha on a cocktail napkin during his vacation to Hawaii, and decided that was good enough. His latest film is so shockingly incoherent and inept that it borders on the surreal. Throughout the film, I found myself wondering, “What movie is this?” Not, “What am I watching?” which would imply that I was intrigued or curious. Instead, I was captive to a writer-director who has apparently lost touch with reality, proper storytelling, understanding character perspective, and pretty much everything that goes into making a compelling film.

Aquarius was just O.K. Nothing special. The guy who plays Manson is way wrong. Creepy, but not creepy enough and needed to be greasier
All Hail Michael Fassbender & Marion Cotillard In New Images And Posters From 'Macbeth'


This looks like something that needs watching.

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