Tony Iommi Mulls Possible Tom Jones Collaboration

A classic April Fool’s joke perpetrated by Kerrang! Magazine in the ’80s may end up leading to a real-life collaboration between pop legend Tom Jones and Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi.

The gag, which ran in Kerrang!’s April 1988 issue, suggested that Jones was about to join the Sabbath lineup for a concept album and tour. The new songs were supposedly to tell the story of a minotaur’s visit to a Welsh mining town, with the live shows to be called the Minotaur/Miner Tour. The whole thing was a funny bit of leg-pulling, especially given Sabbath’s problems with hanging onto a vocalist at the time, and occasionally the band’s message boards still include messages from fans who fell for it.

As it turns out, the people who thought a Tom Jones-fronted Sabbath sounded like an intriguing idea may end up having the last laugh after all. Classic Rock Magazine reports that Iommi’s been in touch with Jones lately, and after sharing a laugh over the Kerrang! prank, they’ve mulled the possibility of doing something together in the studio.

“I’ve met Tom a few times,” Iommi told the magazine, adding, “We were talking one day and he said, ‘Did you ever see that thing in the press about me joining you guys?’ I said ‘Yes, I did,’ and he said, ‘It’s not a bad idea, is it?’ I like Tom, he’s good. I’d actually like to do something with him. It could work.”

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Primus Going Willy Wonka For New Album and Tour ::primus News

A small issue like a drummer's heart attack isn't going to hold Primus back from their lofty plans. The trio's frontman Les Claypool told Rolling Stone that, despite the fact that drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander recently went under the knife for open heart surgery in the wake of his heart attack, he's expected to be behind the kit for their next tour, which starts in October.
What that kit will look like is another story: Claypool describes his percussion setup for the band's upcoming album, Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble, wasn't a drum set, strictly speaking, but more like "A giant circle, or a pile of things to bang on."

"He's so musical at what he does, and he can be very orchestral when he wants to be, and taking him off a traditional kit just brought forth these sounds that we've just never gotten from him before," Claypool said. "If you saw this kit, you'd laugh your ass off. He couldn't get in and out of it. We'd open up a portion of it and shove him in there and then lock him in with other pieces of things."

The album itself is a tribute to the classic 1971 musical film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, starring Gene Wilder (and not, he points out, the 2005 remake directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp: both artists are talented, he said, but "But like all human beings, every now and then, we crap in our pants").

The album is due on Oct. 21, with the band kicking off a tour the following night at the Tower Theater in Pennsylvania. Perhaps equally as exciting will be the return of the Primus candy bars made by Pennsylvania's Asher's Chocolates - which were originally created for a New Year's Eve concert - including Mr. Krinkle (crisped rice), Professor Nutbutter (peanuts) and Bastard Bar (dark chocolate).

ANNNNND takemymoney.

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