All Things:Reboots, Re-imaginings, and re-USE!!!!

Not sure why Emmerich would want to re-do one of the, what, 2 good movies he's ever made. Maybe he's embarrassed by having made a decent film.

He's going to re-do it frame-for-frame, so he can have a third good movie.
I like the Stargate TV series more than the movie. :grin:
damn why doesn't hollywood just go ahead and REBOOT my whole childhood? i'm gonna have to make sure my kids see the sacred 5 (legend, princess bride, neverending story, dark crystal and labyrinth [feel free to add to the list]) before they even think about rebooting these... oh ****, i'm giving them ideas...
Well, a sequel is better than a pseudo prequel like Prometheus that doesn't make sense. mhihi: :manybeers:
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