All Things : Saturday nights alright for fighting...GGGGGGGG SEVEN

Couldn't have been a better response. you brother

Two nights of lousy sleep...

Hey **** yer damned job.
Saturday Morning are made for hangovers. Ugh. Lol!

Those must've been the days, eh?

I remember the grown up version of Saturday morning...

MST3K, followed by...


My day was soooooo badass!.

Cinefamily, with 2 hrs of odd and disjointed old cartoons, with station breaks and some badass vintage commercials, with a complimentary cereal bar. Kingsqueen and I have this whole friggin tapestry of hipster weirdness available and we seldom take advantage of it.

We followed that up with a beauty of a little film from my childhood. Used to play sometimes during the Kukla Fran and Ollie movie program on a Saturday late morning...

if you have never seen...pull up a chair.

The version I grew up with is narrated by Ringo Starr. I think this was one of the rare times I saw the Dustin Hoffman version.

BTW, we saw The Point at the dilapidated and completely awesome Bob Baker Marionette theater. What a magical place.
With the way I am drinking tonight, this might be tomorrow's morning anthem.

I should record my own version, haha.

I have been drinking too many pints of booze! :cheers:
I have been getting kicked out of too many bars! :mad:
I got vodka stains all over my clothes! mhihi:
I have been puking my face outta my neck!! :puke:

My brother thinks he's Tony Granato!
And my sister thinks she's Cammi Granato!

I've got a Sunday Morning Nightmare! A Sunday Morning Nigh-nigh-ugh! see_stars:

Ooooh, eeeh, ooooh, eeeh, ooooh, no more Vodka! No more Vodka!
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