All Things: So long, and thanks for alll the fish Thread.


Sep 17, 2006

Ok. Strange times indeed. Strange times call for drastic and futile measures. So, in order to do my part...consider this thread a time capsule of a sort.

Feel free to share memes, gifs, videos, thoughts, get it, right.

I don't care if you wanna rant about taboo subjects, I encourage it. But this site tends to be farely uncomfy and quick to smite...nudity, politics, and overtly offensive stuff.
Pour it out guys. We are a community like any other...

I'll start.

Taboo, eh?

These are songs they used to play during Kroq's After Hours.

Harley David-son of a Mitch!
Get on my Harley, you daughter of a Mitch!
Harley David-son of a Mitch!
James Dean rode his Harley right into a ditch!

mhihi: :rolleyes2: :fpalm:
My Favorite Author NSFW as one should always be

You guys are close. But...this oughtta be more of a reaction to quarantining, supply runs...and maybe even some positive examples of folks doing good things.


How I am surviving this

1 cup bourbon whiskey

1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/4 cup sugar syrup

4 whiskey-soaked cherries

Fill a large cocktail shaker with ice, the whiskey, lemon juice and sugar syrup and shake for a full 30 seconds. Strain into chilled cocktail glasses and top each drink with a cherry.
Hmm... a random thoughts COVID-19 thread? Okay, I'll give it a whirl.

Not really bothered by the seclusion, personal space or working from home but unfortunately I'm one of those immunocompromised people; so this is not the best situation to be in. lols. But, since I'm still me (read: smary weirdo anti-social jerk) and good vibes will make this thread a little more fun... I keep hearing this song in my head and it gives me hope.
[Prepare yourself, it is from a musical]

If this goes on, I might have to dust off the blow-up doll! mhihi: :manybeers:

I don't know how many years I have been listening to that song, but I just found out it's about a blow-up doll last year. It takes me a while.

Anybody got an air pump. I don't want to go use the one at the gas station. :p
This QuarantineL ife is giving songs about One Love a different meaning. :cbgb2:


More Like "Someone To Lay Down 6 Feet Beside Me," huh? :cbgb2: :rolleyes2:
Wearing pants isn't enough to go to the market. We need to wrap ourselves in plastic now.


"Save me, save me from tomorrow.."

[This felt right, on the most foolish of days]
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