***Anaheim Ducks vs. LA Kings Finally a Real Home Game GDT 10/03/23 7:00pm on NHL Network & BSSC***


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Game Day Thread
Preseason Game #7
**Game Time 7:00pm**


Anaheim Ducks vs. LA Kings

| Los Angeles, CA

Pre-Season Results

09/22/23 Kings 3, Coyotes 5
09/23/23 Coyotes 2, Kings 3
09/24/23 Kings 2, Ducks 3 (OT)
09/27/23 Kings 4, Golden Knights 3 (OT)
09/29/23 Kings 4, Ducks 3
09/30/23 Kings 2, Sharks 1 (OT)

2022-23 Season Stats

**Game Time 7:00pm**


TV:**NHL Network & BSSC**

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9/30/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Alex Laferriere
On another strong performance, coming on the second half of a back-to-back

I think we have a lot of younger guys, compared to who they have on their team and I thought we did well and did a good job of keeping up with their speed and their physicality and everything. I think it’s just a pretty tight group that we have in our locker room right now, a lot of younger guys, but I think we held up against those guys pretty well.
On his strong run of offensive form early in the exhibition season
I think it’s just who I’m playing with right now, those guys are just trying to find me. Whether I’m playing with Turcs or Tynan or Hudon or Fagemo, all of those guys are just trying to find me and I’m just putting the puck on that and luckily it’s going in.
On his focal points, away from the puck, at an NHL training camp
Yeah, I think a big part about the next step, going from college into pro, is wall play, specifically down low in the offensive zone, being able to hold on to pucks and then definitely in the d-zone, getting being able to get pucks out and getting the rush going. I think that’s definitely what I’ve been focused on.
On focusing on day-to-day practices and games, despite wanting to ultimately make the NHL club
I can control what I can control. I’m just going out there, whether it’s a game or a practice, and just doing my best and that’s all I can do. I just go out there and do what I can.

David Rittich
On playing his first full 60 minutes of the preseason, after two scattered periods in Australia

Yeah, it was huge. When you’re playing the third, it’s kind of like you’re not getting ready for a game, you’re just trying to prepare yourself to not get hurt or anything. It’s nice I got this one under my belt and just move on.
On the battle shown by the group in front of him tonight
Oh they battled through. They were working hard, it was awesome to play behind them. They made it easier for me and lots of great blocks. They played hard and that’s all that matters.
On battling during training camp as one of three goalies for two NHL roster spots
I control what I can control and that’s what I’m doing on the ice, that’s what I’m doing in the practices and how I play games. I’m trying to do my best and see what happens, everything is possible.

Marco Sturm
On what he liked about the battle of the group tonight, on the second half of a back-to-back

Yeah, I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried because I thought we took a lot of work and a lot of energy out of it last night, and I was just not sure. Usually San Jose is a tough building to play in, but we had some fresh legs as well, with good players, but overall everyone did an outstanding job, from the first minute to the last minute. We said it after the second period, power play will be the difference, and it was tonight.
On how he’s seen Alex Laferriere grow since he made his preseason debut last spring
Believe it or not, he’s more mature on the ice. Everything was new and that’s what’s so great about those college kids, they have a chance to experience 10 games or so. Now they come in and they already know what’s going on and they know us, so that’s really important. I think this year you can tell he already feels very, very comfortable. When a player feels comfortable and he’s confident, he can make a lot of things happen. I think that’s where he is right now.
On David Rittich’s play tonight
He can stay with me for awhile, I wouldn’t mind that. He was great. He’s an NHL goalie and he showed it again today. Very nice and calm. I didn’t know him, but I like how he is in the room, how open and funny and guys like him. We’re happy for him that he got the win and also that I got a chance to see him, so good job.
On Brandt Clarke and his willingness to try a spin move in overtime where he did
He’s a special kid and special kids do special things and that’s exactly what he did. I thought he was unbelievable today, the best I’ve seen from him personally. Yesterday, he was okay, but today he was on it, he played great.










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Go Kings go!

Always a pleasure to see Brandt play wit the regulars. It's gonna be a big year for 92!
Fancy new bathrooms upstairs at the Stapler. I couldn't get the automatic sink to work.
I only have BS West, and NHL network. Not seeing the game on either channel. This sucks, good job Kings....

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