Anybody up for a Ice Hockey practice?

Give me a date/time and I'll try to be there!
This practice should be postponed until this group is better rested.
It's been a while. Any interest? Goalies?
I think beedee is/was a goalie, Pat…

I’m hoping to play around a bit one last time before I hang up my skates for good. Still recovering from rotator cuff surgery tho’… maybe in the fall.
VCRW, Good to hear from you. Miss the old times with everyone. Have you spoke with Lappy or Hockey girl?
I keep meaning to venture over to the Rosebowl crowd for Roller hockey. Maybe this summer.
I actually started playing Ice again (it sucks getting old) and want to start getting our LGK group as well as some newbies together for a friendly pickup game(s). LGK is always a fun time.

Now Chirping

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