Article "Brown immortalized by Kings' statue, induction into U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame"


Jul 7, 2007
Great read. Lots of good stuff.

Brown immortalized by Kings' statue, induction into U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame |

When Brown arrived at his office, Robitaille told him Los Angeles would retire his No. 23 and unveil a statue of him in front of the arena.

A statue?

“I go, like, ‘Luc, who has statues out there?’” Brown said. “And he’s like, ‘In general? Or, like, hockey players?’ ‘Let’s just start with hockey players.’ He goes, ‘Well, me and Wayne.’”

Brown reminded Robitaille he was a legend. "Wayne" was Wayne Gretzky.

“I just said, ‘I’m not going to lie,’” Brown said. “‘I’m a little uncomfortable.’”

Robitaille reminded Brown he had done something twice that Robitaille and Gretzky hadn’t done once with the Kings: win the Stanley Cup.

“In that moment,” Brown said, “it felt good.”
Here is some more for those thinking this is not a good read.
Kings defenseman Drew Doughty, Brown’s roommate on the road, said Brown needed a special board under his mattress to make the bed hard. Brown would stretch and ask Doughty to crack his back. “I saw all the pain he went through,” Doughty said. “… When you see your captain doing whatever it takes to play on the ice to help his teammates, that trickles through. It’s pretty amazing that he could play that physical with how injured he was, to be honest.”
Brown played 2013 playoffs w a knee brace. I remember hearing he would do interviews in another room after removing the brace so the paparazzi did not know.
Hats off to Brownie. As Luc said, Brown did for this team something that neither he or Gretz could...deliver not one but two Stanley Cups. Brownie deserves the statue and induction into the USHHOF.
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