Bally Sports West cable channel problems



Recently, I have been unable to watch Kings games on BSW cable channel
on my AT&T cable package.

When I start to watch my DVR'd game, there are immediate jumps and skips in the broadcast until,
after a minute or 2, it finally just stops, as if the program had ended.

It has done this for several games now.

All other channels and shows DVR just fine. The problems are only with BSW Kings games.

Anybody else having these problems?
DTV here. No problems recording/watching games on BSW. It sounds like your DVR may be hosed, even though it’s only a problem on one channel you have observed. Or it’s a signal issue with ATT on that channel.
All I know is that games are on a 40-50 second delay for everyone.
The problem went away again.

But I'm gun-shy now.

I will now always check a few minutes into the game to confirm it is recording ok.
All I know is that games are on a 40-50 second delay for everyone.

It used to be satellite / streaming would always be behind the TV.
BUT...the iHeart radio app is actually ahead of Bally's...can't sync the radio guys with TV action...dang Nick ruining what my eyes see...
Unless I use XM...which is about 3 minutes behind the action....long wait to catch up...
My local pub has Direct TV and apparently they shuffled their sports packages and now the don't have Bally SW OR the NHL channel. WTF?!!!?!

Guess I'll have to watch at home then on Rectrum. Seems lately that the streaming coverage is a shell game.
The company that owns all the Ballys regional sports networks missed a debt payment and may file for BK in the next 30 days.

From the article:
Sinclair acquired the portfolio of regional sports networks from Disney
in 2019 for $10.6 billion, including roughly $8 billion in debt. The deal came after Disney acquired the Fox assets in 2019, and had to divest the sports networks.

Ooof! If that wasn't a bad sign, I don't know what is. Not to mention this was 2019, the mass move of people dumping pay cable TV and satellite was already well underway.
How they didn't read the tea leaves is mind numbing.

Traditional pay TV regional sports networks are dead and dying.

NHL clubs and the NHL at large needs to get with the program and keep up with the times. They are not the NFL, they are the NHL.....they don't have the audience.
I'm just glad I can watch 90% of the games on ESPN+, and drop it because it's terrrible once the NHL season is over.
This should be interesting. WB-D also missed their payment Not related to NHL but just another sign that the RSN model is probably going to fail with cord cutting.

NHL held an emergency meeting :

This will be interesting. It could blow up in a hurry. The leagues seem pollyanna'ish to me expecting Diamond to keep making RSN payments even though they are losing tons of money and there is no credible way to stem the losses.
I do hope Bally gets replaced with.. something that doesn't have the bottom of the screen "news running" thing.. it's so annoying. Not as bad as the digital ads, or Kia 3 second commercials, but still.
KTLA FTW! I wish the games were still on radio, "KRLA Hit Radio Eleven!"

It'll sure give a boost to the iheart radio app in this race to the playoffs.
More Warner Bros Discovery

Interesting that they are looking to go Chapter 7 rather than 11. They are looking to GTFO of the RSN business.

And a decent summary on Yahoo:

I'll repeat what I said a week ago-- this is going to blow up in a hurry. WB-D is probably looking at things and saying "this is a loser and even if we reorganize, its a loser so let's get out". Diamond seems more clueless and wants to reorganize. Trying to keep K-Mart open 6 months longer.

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