"Biz has the LA Kings as a top 3 cup favorite."

I think Biznasty is correct. The center depth alone, not to mention the strength on D, makes them a dangerous team. The Kings are going to surprise a lot of “East Coast is the only coast” pundits.
I sure hope so but they are too small to survive a 7 game series against a physical team.
My concerns this year:

1) Goaltending: Copley was an enigma last year, who as I'll state again, I wish played the playoffs, but if he can keep winning, uhm, it'll be good. Talbot.. is a mystery. If Copley isn't winning - we're in serious trouble.

2) Bad penalties: Top priority I think to be fixed, along with the related penalty kill.

3) Standing around watching the play: Guys need to get hit poorly and keep playing, instead of watching and waiting for a call.

We'll see! Very excite1
Currently 2nd highest odds to make the playoffs and 2nd highest to win the Cup. I don't see it with this goaltending. But I can admit that we are not out of any game with this set of talent. The opponent probably isn't out of any game with this goaltending.
I'm still hoping the Kings can rely on talent through the season and then tighten things up in the playoffs like the 90s Penguins would.
Too much attention is put into our goalie tandem. It's still extremely early.

Adin Hill's best three RS performances were 20 GP - .918; 13GP - .918 nad 27 GP - .915. Last year's playoffs 16GP - .932. Nothing he achieved in his career pointed towards him being a Cup winning starter in the playoffs...yet he did it. Miracle? No, it happens. Hot streak and you're golden. Sure, Vegas is tough and has good defense, but still, his numbers were exceptionally good for his pedigree.

OTOH, Vasilevsky and Hellebuyck, two among the best goalies of the past decade, completely s*** the bed.

Cam Talbot had some really good RS and playoff showings in the past, as a starter, too, and he's motivated for sure. You never know.

Now, if both Cam and Pheonix struggle by the half of RS and Rob manages to make a trade from a position of strength for a decently proven, not too old goalie who's on a long-term affordable contract - I'm all for it. But let's not fool ourselves that splashing big on a goalie with a rich pedigree and most likely a rich contract is a surefire way to reach the finals...and I doubt he'll trade for another rental goalie this season.