Bring back Sutter!!!!

Something needs to be done. Sutter would be good, he would hold these guys accountable.
That would be just as bad if not worse. Perhaps Patrick Roy would have been a good replacement? That's the hard part of this. You only fire Todd if you have a better replacement in the wings.
How about Jay Woodcroft. Might be just the guy to help this team get past the Oilers. He also did better with the Oilers than Todd did.
According to Google: To be a professional hockey coach, you need experience and knowledge of your game. According to coach biographies from the National Hockey League (NHL), coaches typically have years of experience playing the game of hockey plus experience in assistant coaching positions.

We are all qualified. Dew it Buck Flake!!!
Bring back Crawford! Lol.


We are pretty much Handzus in that picture while watching the Kings these days. 😩

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