***Buffalo Sabres vs. LA Kings GDT 2/13/23 7:30pm on BSW***



7:28 of the 1st
2:40 of the 2nd
9:51 of the 2nd
They won't give up any goals.

Go Kings!!

Great ceremony on Saturday Night. I watched it again yesterday and enjoyed it equally as well the second time. Brown is sure a special person and talent. We were lucky to have him for 18 years. Started to get teary eyed seeing the old Kings. For sure would have cried if Lappy showed up. He was mentioned and I realize he is coaching in the AHL, but that would have been special.
Thank you Nyssa!

0:30 of the first
1:30 of the first
2:30 of the first
6:13 of the second

Would very much like them to beat this team.
4:17 of the first
8:20 of the first
16:03 of the first
2:19 of the second
2:13 of 1st, 4:13 of 1st, 8:13 of 1st, 12:13 of 1st
6:00 1st
8:00 1st
10:00 1st
No Goals


7:00 of the 1st
15:00 of the 1st
3:00 of the 2nd
10:00 of the 2nd
8:15 of the second 2:11 of the third,9:33 0f the third,13:45 of the third
7:30 of the 1st
12:30 of the 1st
16:45 of the 1st
15:00 of the 2nd

1:30 of the first
3:30 of the first
5:30 of the first
7:30 of the first

7:30 of the 1st
12:00 mins of the 1st
4:30 of the 2nd
11:00 of the 2nd
5:30 of the first
9:30 of the first
13:30 of the first
17:30 of the first
6:00 of the 1st
10:00 of the 1st
15:00 of the 1st
3:00 of the 2nd
12:01 1st
18:39 1st
2:09 1st
17:22 of first
3:33 of second
5:55 of third

Let's Gooooooooooooooooooo!
2:31 of the first
11:17 of the first
3:40 of the second
13:13 of the second

Now Chirping

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