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Sep 25, 2008
Hello all, thanks to the Mrs. we are getting a chance to go to Cancun at the end of the month on the relative cheap as a conference is being held there and the rest of the fam is tagging along.

If any of you have done the trek to this part of Mexico we'd gladly appreciate general or specific advice. We are only there for 5 days so this is very much going to be an introductory trip. Some basic info

The conference is at an All Inclusive and has arranged private shuttles from and to the airport from the resort (yay). There are also tours for Chichen Itza or Tulum as coordinated by the conference (we would pay additional). We are not planning on getting a car and going native until we've gotten a feel for how things work.

In general when we travel as a family we do a fair amount of exploring and getting out (as a consequence we don't typically stay at such nice facilities). We are probably going to take advantage of the facilities for at least a couple of days. If we head out Chichen Itza or Coba/Tulum seem to be pretty high on our list of Maya sites to see (the tours offer a dip in a cenote along with the tour). What we don't want to do is spend half our vacation in a car or on a bus trying to see everything as can sometimes happen when there's a lot to see in a place but not centralized.

Kids are strong swimmers and familiar enough with the ocean considering we are in the midwest. We may head to a spot to try the surf. The snorkeling all looks to be best if through a tour so we will probably skip that for now.

Kids have seen a few scams in their day but if there are any that are particular to Cancun please let us know your experience. Generally speaking they know not to take anything from anyone until they know what it costs and even then to double check that. Our spanish is terrible but we hope to fake it with translator apps.

If you can recommend things in town or other resorts on the 7 that have been fun in the past that would be wonderful. Tour companies that are trusted are a bonus.

Private shuttles to and from the airport...

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