Changes to the jerseys for next season?

Changed them to this, haha.


They keep saying there is a section of management who are pushing for the purple and gold. Then there's the faction that wants the early 90s (which I read as "Luc" wants the 90s jerseys). Whatever, I'm tired of the whole thing frankly. If they want to continue using colorless jerseys who am I to complain. Butt ugly is as butt ugly does.

Intersting pics he shared but just leads me to believe it will be changes to the numbering and brining the Chevron back as he speculated. I think the compromise will be purple and gold third jerseys eventually.
I was never a fan of the silver lettering and numbering. Poor contrast and was too hard to read way back when and even more so now with my old man eyes. :mhihi:
90's/Gretzky era colors, logo, font/numbers and jerseys.

I was overjoyed when we finally went back to our colors, black and silver, (albeit more white vs silver/gray) with introduction of alternates in 2008 and official full change in 2011 but absolutely, categorically, unequivocally hated the home plate logo, number and letter styles with every ounce of my being and never purchased a single apparel in 15 yrs and counting. I was soo sure the logo would not last and would be rectified in like 2 seasons. ~15 painful seasons later, I'm finally hoping they finally put that logo in the garbage bag forever.
I'm not going to go on for too long because I feel like it possibly may be coming to an end but to think the home plate logo had to be approved by the Kings, NHL, Reebok... you really wonder about these decision makers and their ability to think. And unfortunately we won 2 cups wearing the absolutely horrendous logo.

Next season with potential change: it should just be 90's/Gretzky era colors, logo, font/numbers and jerseys BUT I'll even take the current alternates which is essentially a modern take on the 90's/Gretzky era. No more home plate logo. No more clownish kindergarten style letters and numbers.

as far as purple and gold... I like the colors but in my personal opinion, all of our relevant history is wearing black and silver. (I KNOW we had plenty of history wearing purple and gold, too with Marcel Dionne, Miracle on Manchester, etc etc etc). What we cannot have is dual identity with constantly changing colors every 10-20 years. Wear silver and black for 20 yrs then change to purple and gold for 20 yrs then back to silver and black for 20 yrs then back to purple and gold for 20 yrs. This just cannot happen.
If you ask me, the purple, black, and silver threads from 1998 to 2011 were unique for their time, and I actually have a soft spot for those unis despite it being the least popular era among Kings fans. The only gripe for those unis were the loud "Los Angeles" fonts display at the bottom of the front part of the jersey, which kinda ruins the look of the uni. Other than that, I actually liked those threads when I first saw them, and they would be better without that "Los Angeles" wording on the bottom of those jerseys.