Clarke officially on team Canada

Congratulations to the kid!!! This should give us a great look at what the Kings have in Clarke.
There's a part of me that still wants him to snub them on this...
This is really best case scenario. Let him play through that tourny, then come back and play the second half of the season with the Kings.

Buys us some time to create a roster spot for him as well.

Hopefully he plays.

If he delivers - trade Durzi+Walker/Roy (not necessarily directly in a single trade) for a proven tough veteran D-man.

At some point this in season I'd like to see:
Anderson - DD
New vet. D-man - Clarke
Bjornfot - Spence
Can we trade Matt Roy for him? That way we have a chance to beat Team Canada, and we lose Roy. I know he has to change citizenship, but its the right move.

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