Cleaning signed jerseys and pet smells?


somehow in south carolina
Jan 17, 2008
So I have 3 jerseys, all with signatures all over them. Very sentimental. I also had a diabetic cat, who peed on everything because she couldn't help it. She targeted them ruthlessly. They've been kinda just stored up in the attic with the bad smell because I was too afraid to try and clean them. Any advice? Was thinking dry cleaning, or a urine removal wash thing (they sell it on Amazon). Curious on any advice.
I would try something like My Pet Peed or Nature's Miracle. First use it on a small area, see how the signatures react? I love the Natures Miracle Cat formula (Bright red container) it's gonna be a project, that's for surre
I think I had that Nature's Miracle stuff... I'm so smell-sensitive it was hard for me to use, though I never tried it on the jerseys.
I would suggest washing the jerseys in the bathtub, using cold water and woolite gentle formula. Then after all the jerseys are clean, dunk your cat in the pissy woolite water, and let Mr.Fluffy McPawsy know that next time he pisses on your jersey, you're gonna buy a rottweiler, and not feed it, so it's hangry and ready to eat anything that moves. And for good measure, send the cat a bill for the Woolite, and your time spent cleaning the jerseys!

But that's just me.
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