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Game Day Thread
Game #21/82

>>5:00pm<< Pacific on BSW


Colorado Avalanche vs. Los Angeles Kings
Crypto.com Arena | Los Angeles, CA

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Previous Meeting

10/11/23 -- Avalanche 5, Kings 2


**Game Time 5:00pm**


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Phillip Danault & Todd McLellan 11/29/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Phillip Danault
On his general takeaways from tonight’s game

They played pretty tight, they were like two guys quick on us most of the time. Yeah, they playeda solid first period, but the second thing was good domination.
On if tonight was a matter of not getting the right looks, or not getting the right bounces
I think Charlie Lindgren played really well, gave his team a chance to win and they did. I think he shined tonight and I think we had some Grade-A’s as well, he made some big saves.
On “one of those nights” was bound to happen eventually with how things have been going
Some games you play not as good and you score five, so it happens, but we always want to find a way. It’s not that we didn’t try, we definitely tried our hardest and we didn’t play bad. Yeah, it happens sometimes.
On if a lot of time off between games was too much time off between games
Almost too much. You could tell in the first period, when we’re trying to find out beat at little bit, but the second and third was there, you can tell. We obviously like breaks, it’s good for the energy and everything, but other than that, it’s obviously not too much I think.

Todd McLellan
On his takeaways from tonight’s game

I’d say there’s a lesson in every game you take away from it. Tonight’s lesson, first of all, I didn’t think we were a disaster. I don’t think we played poorly, but early in the game, we gave up two goals based on details and when you don’t score four or five in a night, and you’re going to have those nights, those details become important and we could clean that up a little bit, but we’re going to make mistakes, we’re not perfect.....I know you’re probably going to say shots and volume and all that type of stuff, well a lot of that came in the third period when the desperation went up, but I’m not sure if the result would have been the same. It might have been, if the goalie continued to make the saves he made, but it would have been nice to see some of that earlier in the game.
On if he felt there were rhythm issues early in the game, after an extended layoff
No, because we weren’t a disaster. I would say if we came out and we looked really flat, unenergetic, unenthused then I would agree. Rhythm is important to a team and to have five games or whatever we’ve had in 19 days, next week, starting Sunday, we go Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, [Sunday], there’s four in a week. So, rhythm is something that players are used to and staffs are used to and we don’t have it right now but we’re going to get it pretty quick and that’s okay, because at the end, we all have to play 82 games and we’ll figure it out.
On what he saw on the first goal tonight, and mistakes made on the evening
We had a probably an ill-advised pinch and the cover wasn’t completely committed to it and we didn’t play a 2-on-1 very well. So, three detail-like scenarios, all in succession, that leads to a goal against. Other than that, we missed a faceoff coverage, or blew the faceoff coverage on the second one and didn’t get a clear, made a few other mistakes where Talbs had to bail us out, but we didn’t have to kill a penalty. Usually those nights you win, but we didn’t tonight.
On Arthur Kaliyev’s game tonight and how he can make it a more regular occurrence
He’s just got to look at this game and replicate it and do it again and do it again. He’s a big, strong man that produces offense, okay, we know that. We need to see that from him, but there’s other things that happen in the game. There’s faceoff battles, there’s the backcheck, there’s the physicality, there’s the shot block, there’s getting your nose dirty in the blue paint & finding a rebound. You can just make a checklist, not just for Arthur, but for any player, and you could put all those things there and then just start checking them off & watching the player. You look and you go well, this guy’s got 23 checkmarks and this guy’s only got four. Pretty easy calculations.


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**Today’s Poll Question**

Just 1 question tonight
The Kings did not take any penalties in the previous game.
How many TOTAL PENALTY MINUTES will be taken by BOTH teams in tonight's game? (5 for fighting included, but 10 minute majors will not count towards the total)

You can take 3 guesses
Take your best guesses in your post below

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Congratulations to the following posters who correctly guessed the winning team would score 2 goals or that there would be 0 PPGs scored:

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King of the Mountain with 15 points - Rusty

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It will be interesting to see if frail Makar plays tonight since he missed the end of the 3rd and all of OT.