Darryl Sutter hired as the new coach of the Flames

Watching NHL Tonight and they're talking about how Calgary's players are unhappy...
Here's where I'm coming from: When was Sutter ever deemed a "player's coach"? How is this news?
Tonight: A shocking discovery!! Water is... wet!! Film at 11.

Heh. I did see a couple of games ago that either the Ottawa broadcast or Calgary broadcast put up a stat next to the score that said: 135:43 minutes since the last Flames goal. That to me screamed Sutter was hired more than anything, gawd bless him. Wish the Kings had that kind of sense of humor about themselves. *sigh*

Calgary may be my hockey side piece. Welp, I certainly have a type.
Does it matter when? That team is tiny, coach could bust through any trash canned door with that man-power behind it.

This seems like a couple of strains of abstract but the guys who created Letterkenny are Calgary fans. Who's to say the coach character is not an homage to Darryl.
Players in Calgary, Los Angeles, San Jose, or Chicago can block the door all they want but Sutter will always find a way....