Doughty on the hot seat (The Hockey News)

Fair. But if I had to pick a subject for the hotseat it would be some combination of the kids like Byfield, Vilardi and some of the young defensemen. Our fortunes really rely on whether they can become breakout NHL'ers.
Hot Seat?


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LOL. The Hockey News is a sad shell of what it was decades ago.

It also said Kings won the Cup in the “early part of the aughts,” and that Fiala was a free agent signing. Otherwise it’s a very heavy-hitting article that says Doughty is important to the Kings.
I don't call mine the "hot seat", I just call it the best seat in the house.
I really admire his honesty when he says, "Now Mikey has improved enough that he can carry me
as my play declines in old age."

Nah. JK.

Haven't read article yet.
But I will.
DD is my favourite player and has been for some time. I think last year showed he still has what it takes to be one of the best, certainly our best. I'm hoping it continues this year even though there are no Olympics to shoot for. Hopefully the team improving is enough to keep him motivated. I know that's what is said about him - he competes best when there's something to play for etc...... because besides winning I can't think of one or eleven million other reasons to give it your all for.
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