***Edmonton Oilers vs. LA Kings GDT 4/7/22 7:30pm on BSSC<<***

The Oilolers are in town. mhihi: :yuck: thumbdown:

16:45 of the 2nd
5:25 of the 3rd
12:30 of the 3rd
16:50 of the 3rd

Kempe, Kupari, Moore, Byfield, Danalt, Kaliyev.


GWG at 2:22 of 2nd, 18:00 of 2nd, 3:33 of 3rd, or 2:20 of OT.

Scorer: McDavid, Draisaitl, Kane, Kempe, Kaliyev, Moore
Was hoping that Kings would have studied the sharks game and clogged up center ice they did a really good job of effective like taking the ice away from McDavid until that ridiculous short handed goal in the third. But apparently not
Second time in less than 10 minutes that Durzi doesn?t recognize pressure
Durzi wake the f up the game started
just great Kings pp and Oils have possession most of the time.
**** the first unit tod you ****ing moron why u keep putting AI in there
Well one team certainly showed up to play
Finally a mediocre shift and not pure garbage.
The problem for the Kings, they need three back to account for the Oilers speed.
It’s like McDavid is out on every shift.
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