Watched a little of their first telecast. Definitely better than NBC. Liked Sean McDonough as their play by play guy.
I don't know if it's better, it was a welcome Nostalgia trip but that's only going to last so long. Ray was good this game to deflect on his bonafides, did a decent job. He can get really wordy sometimes. Overall they handled it well, hoping they can keep me as interested halfway through the season
Still think it would be neat to bring back Gary Thorne and Bill Clement once in a great while, like maybe for the Winter Classic. That is, of course, if those two would be willing, since they're pretty much retired.
Hoping I can watch some extra hockey on ESPN, might be tough to squeeze it in between my daughters watching BLUEY and PEPPA PIG.
NBC set a pretty low bar for the NHL, right?

Hiring Milbury and Roenick tells you everything that you needed to know about what their direction was gonna be. :rolleyes:

I for one welcome our new ESPN Overlords.

Amadio made the Leafs team as a fourth liner Washington has two fourth liners from the Kings. Who knew?
ESPN+ has quite a few games on tonight. Looks like it will be that way most of the season.Unfortunately they still black out Kings and Duck games here.
espn+ has been a pleasant surprise. simple interface and clear HD picture. $7 a month price doesn't hurt.
IF you get the Disney bundle, the ESPN+ games also appear in Hulu as well.

I still have to figure out how to get TNT without getting cable or satellite again
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