Fiala chosen as World Championship MVP

I hope Hiller is going to be both flexible and creative with line assignments. In any case, the Kings will need a right shot forward to fill up the net. Don’t care who it will be at this point, but there has to be a guy who can take and bury one timers from the left side.
Point taken, but Grundstrom had one good game where he scored 2 of his 3 points for the tournament. This is equal to a 24 point NHL season. Not that far from his stats this past season (12 points in 50 games).
I don't think Grundstrom will ever be overly successful on the Kings in a 4th line role, maybe not even 3rd line. The kid can score but likely needs to be in a more potent offensive scheme. I still don't see him being a King next season.
How quickly people forget the turnover and penalty machine he was while "doing his thing" early in the season.

Also, gratz Fiala on a great tournament!

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