Fire Todd Mcllelan

What have we won since Flake took over the reigns???


This is a paid advertisement for the firing of Buck Flake and TMac and cheese...
What?!!!! This post is outrageous. How dare you??!!!! I assume that's the response you're looking for? I think most sensible fans know that a) they shouldn't both be fired and b) they are not doing a perfect job and are no longer untouchable.

Sutter never won much before LA either. Lombardi never won anything. Blake took over a bad team with a destroyed pipeline and has fixed it somewhat. TMAC is going into last contract year. He has done some good things and now has a bit of rope, but could easily be fired with a bad start. Blake probably has a slightly longer rope as he's done more right than wrong.
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He's not getting fired anytime soon. The upcoming season will likely be it for him though, should the Kings not advance beyond the first round.
Todd McClaren is a liablity and should be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, did you know he makes the most out of all NHL coaches?
Todd's gone after next year if we don't do some damage. Last year on contract yeah? I got pretty frustrated with Todd this year.

He seriously makes 5m? Good lord.
Tim Lieweke is a winner.
Laid the foundations for two Stanley Cups with the LA Kings
Laid the foundations for five MLS Cups with the LA Galaxy
Laid the foundations for an MLS Cup with Toronto FC
Laid the foundations for an NBA Championship with the Toronto Raptors

Now with the successful expansion team Seattle Kraken.
Soon to be with a new NBA franchise and arena in Las Vegas.

Uncle Phil let his ego get in the way when Timmy "parted mutually" from AEG, and Phillip pulled the plug on the sale of AEG.
Ya see, Uncle Phil did not like that Timmy was trying to orchestrate the best buyer for when AEG went up for sale.
Silly Philly, you really thought that Tim would not try to get involved and get the best buyer for AEG and himself, seeing that he would stay aboard after the sale of AEG?
Of course he would, and Phil probably knew that as well, but Phil got bent.
Blackstone was orchestrating the sale of AEG, and look how much $$$$$ they got for the Dodgers sale.
AEG was set up to have been sold for massive billions of $$$$. It was going to be a monster sale. It would have been historic.
Phillip made a massive blunder.

Then he doubled down on Danny boy Beckerman to run the show.
They guy, who before becoming CEO of the MASSIVE AEG was merely vice president of finance for the Los Angeles Clippers for two seasons, and then CFO of the LA Kings.
That's the guy Phil picked to replace big winner Timmy?!?!? Yup. A glorified bean counter.

Danny runs AEG's big sports franchises as a bean counter: profit over winning. He's done a master job at that.
Good old boys management style at both the Kings and Galaxy have left both franchises adrift since 2014.
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