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They're a finesse team.
Jul 27, 2005
2,814 this Born X Raised + Kings crap

Just stop.

That's all.
It's really ugly and gangsterish, something Luc really loves though.. lol
In all honesty, i dont care that much but the look and execution, to me, is just bad. Stylistically, its not my thing, but there are people that like it. But in addition to that, it feels really phoned in. It's not special at all. Black letter font..? Weak design? ...whoohooo. It's like they jumped in on the high street aesthetic and did a really poor job. Not to mention they're way behind the trend.
What is it? I haven't seen it

You're just mad cuz the jacket sold out already and you didn't get any of the game used warmup shirts because they all went up to 2k or more.

Well considering I was a teen in the 90's my last post checks out.... I guess I've moved on past high school


BornxRaised was founded in 2011 by Chris "Spanto" to honor the Los Angeles era of the 90s. Spanto and his creative partner Alex "2Tone" started the brand to have a platform for self-expression, anger management and - the most important of it all - authentic stories and aesthetic deliveries that are not always real or self-experienced in the fashion industry. Spanto spent some time in prison and came back to a Venice Beach he could not recognize at all. He did not know how to make clothes, he just had loads of ideas in his mind and wanted to bring them out in this world to show what gentrification is doing to the streets he grew up in. With their clothing, they want to embrace the area's melting pot of hip-hop, punk, skating, and urban culture. Within the past years, the clothes may pivot from time to time, but they never lost their underlying ethos.


BornxRaised makes clothing as a reflection of the creator’s own lives and stories. Spanto once said that their brand is a scrapbook they have created and a love letter they have written abouttheir lives. The brand wants to show something about LA that goes beyond the glamorous Hollywood facade or the Instagram influencer-littered streets of Venice Beach. They want to show their version, the real LA and make sure that everything it stood for does not get lost or washed out by the extremely fast pace the world is running at. The two founders do not see their brand as a streetwear label - as they did not start it in order to have success in the fashion industry. Still, they say they would like to be respected in that industry because they have everything it takes to keep up with other labels.


Their aesthetics are well recognized from its use of old English fonts and type, bold graphics that aim against the gentrification that has taken over many of the city's neighborhoods. They are not scared by the use of colour and the mix of different styles. The recognizable labeling on their clothes makes it hard to forget their pieces. They include collaborations with Converse, 424, Carhartt, and more. Also, their clothing is not only inspired by Venice and the Streets of Los Angeles, but it is also completely manufactured in Los Angeles.

retro is always in style, if this makes your eyes bleed wait til the '00s version of the same comes out.
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Lol I can't wait til Luc's out and the Kings might get some color and style again.
Mayyyybe, if they have Mike Muir rockin it in their promos..
I usually really like the Kings warmups...this is just terrible though.
Expensive, gaudy clothing/merch line for the rich and ignorant.
All. About. The. Benjamins.

Remember when the LA Kings would wear the same sweaters during warmups AND the game?

Well, we can't have that anymore.
Some people like it. Some don’t. I might not buy it but I’m fine with it. But can we please stop referring to this and anything else like it as gangster. It really is offensive.
Some people like it. Some don’t. I might not buy it but I’m fine with it. But can we please stop referring to this and anything else like it as gangster. It really is offensive.

I was in England for a bit pre pandemic and as expected the script style is still popular there (or was), now I see this clothing and attach an english accent to it and it's kind of funny. If Luc puts in a tea time between the 2nd and 3rd I'm gonna fall out.

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