***Florida Panthers vs. LA Kings GDT 11/16/23 7:30pm on BSW***


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May 10, 2012

Game Day Thread
Game #15/82

7:30pm Pacific on BSW


Florida Panthers vs. Los Angeles Kings
Crypto.com Arena | Los Angeles, CA


Last Season's Meetings

01/27/23 -- Kings 4, Panthers 3
11/05/22 -- Panthers 4, Kings 5


**Game Time 7:30pm**


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Phillip Danault & Todd McLellan 11/11/23 Post-Game Quotes:

Phillip Danault
On what he felt was missing with the group’s connectivity tonight

Yeah, I think they played really well, they had some good sticks out there and I think that made the difference tonight, they were better on stick battles and little details like that. I think that’s how they won the game.
On if he felt anything slip over the games preceding this one, that contributed to the outcome
Yeah, a little bit, but we weren’t really bad, it’s just like I said, little details that can slip and we get too comfortable sometimes. We know we have a good team, but we’ve just gotta stay humble in this and do little details. We can only be really good when we do the little details defensively, starting in our zone and creating some offense. They wanted it more than us tonight.
On the team’s struggles on home ice early in the season
I’m not sure, honestly, but we have to rectify this for sure, as soon as possible. The home ice is really important. We got better as a team for sure, we need to watch some video and look at things that we have to be better at, at home.
On how long he feels a new line needs to be truly evaluated
Maybe a couple of practices, I think that first game is always hard right away, but also they played really well, really tight, didn’t give us any chances. We know we’re good players, we’ve got better and we know it.

Todd McLellan
On what he felt was the most uncharacteristic part of tonight’s loss

I don’t think there’s many nights so far this season where we’ve been outworked in and out-committed and we were that tonight.
On what he felt was lacking with the team’s connectivity tonight
First of all, you have to give them credit. They played a committed game, they were on top of us, they blocked shots like there was no tomorrow, I didn’t see us diving in front of a whole bunch of them. We got scored on, on a floater from the point that was deflected, we didn’t work real hard to get in that lane and they did. They were quick to scrums, they won a lot of the loose pucks, they didn’t need a lot of chances but the ones they got, they scored on. We can beat our team up, which we have to a little bit, they deserve it, but I also have to tip my hat to their team. They played a real good game.
On his level of concern with the team’s record on home ice
Well, we’re giving up way to many goals on home ice and what’s causing that? I think every night, there’s been a bit of a different scenario. I believe at our last presser, after the last game or maybe the game before at home, I was asked if I’m concerned and I wasn’t, because the beginning of the year was the beginning of the year. But, now I am a little bit, so we’re going to have to fix it.
On a minus-three night for Kevin Fiala and if there is concern with his start to the season
Well, plus/minus is not always a good evaluator of an individual’s play, situations come up that are not even warranted for both sides, getting a plus or a minus, so we don’t put a lot of credence into that. It’s the type of play and the level of play and there is some concern, yeah, I can’t lie to you. We’re trying to get him going. Some of the concern comes in power-play type situations, where he should be excelling, and some of it is in the game management and defensive side. So, on both sides of the puck, he has to be better.
On his assessment of Pierre-Luc Dubois right now and the decision to change the lines
When you have a few players struggling for whatever reason, sometimes you leave them together, sometimes you pull them apart. There hasn’t been good connectivity between PL and Kevin for a little while and quite frankly, that’s why we did it. Tonight was only one night, we didn’t practice yesterday, we just pulled it out of our hat. We’ve got to give them a little bit of time, we’ve got to give PL some time to adjust or deal with his linemates, but expectations are high there as well. We think that he can be a big part of what we’re working towards, but the expectations are high.
On another strong performance from Carl Grundstrom and if his play could merit a larger role
I think that Lizzo’s line is one of our best lines and I think that Grunny gives us everything he has, all the time and I think he’s in a perfect spot. The last thing we want to do is screw around with Grunny. Him, Lizzo and Lewy are money, you can count on them night after night to get the job done.


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**Tonight’s Poll Question**

The last time the Kings played the Panthers, they scored two shorthanded goals. In both games last season, there was only 1 PP goal scored by both teams combined (Kings got it) in 15 PP opportunities during the 2 games!
Part 1 - How many total POWER PLAY GOALS will be scored by both teams tonight?
You can take just ONE guess for Part 1
Part 2 - What will be the FINAL SCORE of tonight's game?
(doesn't matter which team gets which score, just the numbers)
You can take THREE guesses for part 2

Take your best guesses in your post below -
the only Prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.


Congratulations to the following posters who correctly guessed 11 points by Forwards in the previouos game or Frost for the GWG:

2 points (both parts correct):

11 points or Frost (1 point):
Cross Traffic
Bill Hicks
Dr. Tran
Chateau Bow Wow
forum gold

Kings of the Mountain with 9 points - Byron, Dr Tran, Rusty, & SirJW

8 points = Salty Puck

7 points = Chateau Bow Wow, CIrvine, clif, DRGinLBC, Liz4LA, notbob

6 points = Angel Eyes, forum gold, JayWells24, Jerram, katydid213, Nyssa42, pray4mojo, Randdog, Rinkrat, VegasHockey

5 points = beady eye, empire, hornman, jammer06, Kurisu, mugs, Shackleford, TooCool

4 points = Cross Traffic, dannybuoy1, Dexter, DRice, Guinevere, hihocarp, KernCoKingsFan, KHenry14, puckoff, Sevenhole, sonnyboy11, VCRW

3 points = Madness20721, Rogie-Vachon, waynet

2 points = beedee, Bill Hicks, Busted Chops, cokingsfan, Ragbone, rfischer, symbology

1 point = PuckMaster, STONE


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At this point of the season, I have zero confidence that the Kings can win at home. After being dominated by the Flyers, they now get the runner up, all the while not playing for it seems about a month. I hope this works.
Holy crap is summer break over?

Thanks Nys!

At this point of the season, I have zero confidence that the Kings can win at home. After being dominated by the Flyers, they now get the runner up, all the while not playing for it seems about a month. I hope this works.

I'm seriously debating getting ESPN+ (next day viewing) just so I can not stay up til 1am watching home games as I find the risk/reward too high at the moment. Kings secrets of success: 1) Wear road jersey and stay at a hotel in LA, 2) Run regular lines during the power play >> ?? >> Profit.
Part 1: 1
Part 2: 3-1, 4-1, 5-2

When can the Kings go back on the road...don't have a good feeling about tonight's game.
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3 pp goals
3-2, 4-2, 5-3

4 pts for me, slow starter like my boy Byfield! Lookout, here comes Guiny!

Can we get a win at home please especially against pos Tkapuke! Go Kings Go! Go Byfield Go!


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