Has anyone ordered the day of the dead merch from TeamLA Store?


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May 21, 2013
Hey guys. I ordered the day of the dead t-shirt and hoody from the Team LA store on Oct 31 and they still haven’t shipped. Has anyone else gotten their stuff yet? Has anyone else had this experience?
Is their service usually this sh*tty or do we have to wait for the next day of the dead?
It'll be delivered in time for your descendants to honor you by displaying it next to your photograph on an altar after you've passed...

That being said- I totally dig it
It was a good thing they weren't selling pan de muerto. Be all green when you get it, lol. 😩
My wife received a notification saying our shirts will arrive tomorrow.
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Mine finally shipped on Dec. 5th. I ordered it on Oct. 31. I had to send it to my cousin in San Diego because they won’t ship directly to me in Japan.

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