HeadInjury's Second and Equally Lame Taco Bell $20 Gift Card Challenge


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Nov 26, 2004
Ok, the first contest was underwhelming. It didn't even cross my mind that maintaining the status quo was a possibility. Only Yawney left, he wasn't really fired, and no one guessed him anyway.

Here's the second contest:

Predict Byfield's next contract. Please indicate your prediction of the annual cap hit and the length of the contract. Assuming no one nails it exactly, the winner will be determined by who came closest to the total amount to be paid over the length of the contract.

And although it's just plain wrong, winners to have the option to request a Del Taco gift card instead.
Byfield, Clarke, and a pick for some lame ass mid 20s "final key piece to win a playoff round" player.
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Almost tempted to just give you the $20 for $20 with the headache it will likely cause.

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